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Who's going to be Mitt's choice for his running mate?


Posted 7:38 pm, 07/13/2012

Well, then Mittens can capitalize on the Redneck vote.


Posted 7:36 pm, 07/13/2012

Note from GoWilkes: this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 7:08 pm, 07/13/2012

I think Romney is an intelligent guy and a family man, but, so out of touch with the average person in this country...having been born with the silver spoon and lived an entire life of plenty, never wanting for anything. Also, I have a hard time getting past his American made money that is stashed in foreign bank accounts. Legal, yes...moral, NOT!


Posted 7:03 pm, 07/13/2012

obamas got it with no doubt romney is like bush retarded and just a disaster waiting to happen


Posted 6:25 pm, 07/13/2012

"Mittens & The Fat Guy"

Sounds like a sitcom.


Posted 6:16 pm, 07/13/2012

but now wait kenc christy fits ya typical vp profile


Posted 6:02 pm, 07/13/2012

Chris Christy would take too much of the spotlight away from the Romz, and his mouth would get them both in trouble ...so I really wish he would pick him for the entertainment value.


Posted 5:58 pm, 07/13/2012

LOL! The "fat guy up north"!

Would that be Chris Christy of NJ?


Posted 5:44 pm, 07/13/2012

Like Hilary is going to run with a Romney. LOL. What world do you live in? If he was smart he would pick Ron Paul. He will pick that spanish guy or that fat guy up north.


Posted 5:40 pm, 07/13/2012

If he was smart... he'd pick someone.. anyone NOT Republican. If he was smart, he'd pick a female democrat or independant. hmmm Romney and Hillary?


Posted 5:10 pm, 07/13/2012

Hispanic ancestors


Posted 5:04 pm, 07/13/2012

Rubio cosponsored a resolution, which was passed, to declare September as National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. Any thing else that he has done?


Posted 4:31 pm, 07/13/2012



Posted 3:57 pm, 07/13/2012

Mitts running mate is going to be that spanish guy from Florida unless something really dirty comes out about him.


Posted 3:55 pm, 07/13/2012

It won't be Condi. She's said elected office isn't for her.

Plus there's this:

In an expansive 2005 interview with The Washington Times, Rice described herself as “mildly pro-choice.” She expanded on that position during an interview with CBS New’s 60 Minutes in 2008.

“I myself am someone who believes strongly in parental notification,” Rice said. “I’m against late-term abortion, which is, I think, really very cruel.” But she said she’s not for overturning Roe V. Wade. “I have not wanted to see the law changed because it’s an area that I worry about the government being involved in.”


and this

Four years ago, when Senator John McCain of Arizona floated the idea of Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, an independent who supports abortion rights, as his nominee, the conservative wing of the party revolted. It would most likely be the same with Ms. Rice.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, a conservative women’s group, issued a statement Friday saying flatly that Ms. Rice’s “position on the sanctity of human life makes her an unqualified candidate for Governor Romney to choose as a running mate.”



Posted 3:53 pm, 07/13/2012

How can republicans be so stupid and still get votes? I mean they are like Rainman without the ability to count.


Posted 3:51 pm, 07/13/2012

reckon the republicans can lock up the black female vote running her and in there eyes if they have baby mommas vote they got the brothers vote too so its actually a very racists shot too


Posted 3:41 pm, 07/13/2012

Didn't you republican learn anything from the last election? Female voters don't vote for someone just because they are female. For nothing else Mc Clain should have lost the election for being so stupid he though that. You really don't have clue, so you?


Posted 3:38 pm, 07/13/2012

I think Mittens would love to have Condi Rice. She would help with the female voters, the black voters, the Teabaggers, and neutralize that thing about the Mormons and people of color.

Don't know if she is interested in being associated with him though.


Posted 10:18 am, 07/13/2012

There's rumors of Condy Rice - she would cover all the criteria - the tea party would tolerate a balck republican--only black democrats are to be hated. Black republicans, well they're not really black.

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