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At the Hispanic Caucus
Biden praises the Black Congressional caucus

Voters: Biden’s America becoming a ‘police state’
Nearly three quarters of voters believe that America is "becoming" a police state under President Joe Biden , whose administrat...

Shirts come in two sizes Male an Female.

Have any of you Wilkes Democrats noticed any cognitive issues with Biden?
Not even talking about the condition of our country after being led by a mentally disabled person, Not talking about his absence from off...

Diabetic Neuropathy?
Do anyone of you folks. Real or rather live with this?If I may? Is there anything that helps. You with it and may at least. Help with som...

N.J. Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife will be indicted Friday morning on bribery offenses
Nothing to see here folks... just another crooked dimocrat. https://dailycaller.com/202...DIbxAXimAf

Craig Church Ministries Prosperity Gospel
Recently I have taken an interest in the amount of money that Craig Church Ministries seems to be spending. I am always curious about the...

Remember when Obama said "you didn't build that"?
We didn't build that but Biden sure has. He has built the population with illegal aliens, he has built inflation by massive spending, tho...

Buying a new/newer car
Hello Gowilkers, at what point do you start shopping for a new or newer car? High mileage and if so what do you consider high mileage? Or...

Contact your Congressman, demand the arrest of Joe Biden and VP Harris for treason at the border
Another border town, Eagle Pass Texas, has declared a state of emergency as an overwhelming influx of invaders swarm across our southern ...

Resident liberals are telling me that old school democrats were actually conservatives so let’s do a
list of what old school conservatives have done. Started social security, began desegregation, signed the voting rights act and signed Me...

NC Passes Budget
https://www.wcnc.com/articl...883bd6f3bc Do you all want less transparency in government? Never fear the NC GOP is here.

Since management has locked the previous iteration of this thread we must start over. Due to popular demand AND even though the request l...

Do you CHRISTIANS even know what JESUS was telling the JEWS?
Your time to shine what was Jesus teaching because Salvation COMES first to the JEWS..

Republicans have been great for blacks so why do they vote so heavy for democrats?
Republicans ended slavery. Republicans oversaw and enforced desegregation. Republicans pass the first two civil rights acts that led to v...

What are you listening to?
I tend to listen to great music over and over. Here is a great cover to listen to at least twice! Post your favorite new to you music! ht...

Flying Spaghetti monster
Flying Spaghetti monster is getting my vote for president so i encourage everyone to write in the Flying Spaghetti monster on your ballet...

Senate Dress Standards FINALLY RELAXED.
Now, Feinstein can Preside in the Nude. https://www.dailywire.com/n...and shorts

UAW scum turn down 21% pay raise
https://www.washingtonpost....ike offer

Prince Rupert Murdoch of Fox News Awakes
https://www.cnn.com/2023/09...index.html https://youtu.be/7XjIJi79O8...VGAFuf0Lef


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