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Rump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday 😀
https://www.reuters.com/wor...023 03 18/ How many think he will flee to Moscow first and seek asylum?

Why Does The gop Hate Obamacare ?
Remember before many couldn't get coverage because of thing's like diabetes ? Many ladies were discriminated against because of existing ...

We have to fight the insanity of religion everyday
If we don't, the crazies will go back to burning people at the stake.

new restaurants
Last I drove by, a Hwy 55 restaurant sign was near the movie theater but no progress had been made on the site. Does anyone know the stat...

Pedo Rump to testify today about his rape charges
Let's hope he shows up, and the victim gets to see him incarcerated.

antithesis; Without going off subject how would you explain Six Day Creation??
You might want to read the beginning of all that happened on the Six Day. 26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our l...

Does the GOP believe that poor people should be left to nature?
Should society ignore the needs of the poor? Should government only serve the needs of the rich?

Since management has locked the previous iteration of this thread we must start over. Due to popular demand AND even though the request l...

Senator Tillis on TikTok and China
China is one of the greatest threats America has ever faced. Today there was an important hearing on Capitol Hill that exposed how grave ...

As we gaze west from a spot by the lake in beautiful downtown 28606 towards the BFD, Jupiter and Venus are near conjunction above the hor...

Ever heard a black hole?
Not the kind of soundtrack I would want on repeat. https://notthebee.com/artic...es tonight

How important is your denomination?
Comparing the primary Abrahamic religions across the world, there are... 1.9 Muslims 1.3 billion Catholics 800 million 1 billion Protes...

Community voice meet up
If someone organized a community voice meet up would you go? Congregate with all your favorite posters, friends and frienemys? Maybe at a...

Did they get Trump?

Car that matches Zodiac Sign.
Aris ford mustang Taurus Bentley Flying Spur Gemini Nissan Z Cancer Fiat 500 Leo Ferrari Roma Virgo Tesla Model S Libra Porsche Pa...

Thanks to FakeyComrade and his sidekick for bumping my thread multiple times daily
FakeyComrade posted just now giving others credit for bumping it. But a quick look at the posts will show most comments came from him and...

If cops should be held to higher standard of conduct than regular citizens, which they should! And if elected officials should be held to...

Don't ues any eye drops unless you know what you're using.
People Having to have eyeballs surgically removed because of eye drops. https://www.thegatewaypundi...superbug m update eyedrops sold in ...

President Buffoon's Approval Rating Crashes Again
Approval of President Joe Biden has dipped slightly since a month ago, nearing the lowest point of his presidency as his administration t...

Is it truth or opinion?
Can people have THEIR own opinion or is it TRUTH that sets a person Free from sin? ( Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him,...


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