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Good old days. Teach a child while they're young.
Have to laugh at people who are against spanking. My parents whipped my butt like there was no tomorrow. I didn't hate them. I didn't hav...

Big cross border tunnel is found linking Tijuana, San Diego (yahoo.com) The cross border tunnel from Tijuana to the San Diego area was bu...

I would like to welcome our new Press Secretary
With the fiery redhead Gin Psackie leaving we now have SLGBT but she is not quite ready for prime time Yep, another joke https://www.foxn...

The choices are yours and your alone.
Psalm 14 King James Version 14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there...

Tomorrow is Election Day
Tomorrow is Election Day and since no Democrats filed for any of the local offices that are up for grabs, tomorrow is the primary and gen...

Worst President Ever
https://youtu.be/0z2Ij1 cUZs

Buffalo, NY Grocery Store
How sad someone could be that easily manipulated. Evil has no bounds.

Is America better off today?
Is Biden America better today than it was 3 years ago?

Why are Christians so repulsed by sex?
They don't seem to want to be human. They seem to hate everything that is natural. They seem to wish for death more than life.

Let's Try One More Time
In the last 2 or 3 years I've ask the same question..Better luck this time....The majority of politicians on GW's hate Biden and the Demo...

Has anyone tried IL MAKIAGE foundation? Did you do the color match quiz?

Inflation is hurting those on fixed incones
Thank God Sen Manchin from West Virginia stopped Biden from spending Trillions more.

As Many Innocent People Murdered Last Weekend
Was that not sweet of Mooron back in 2017 rolling back restrictions to make it easier for the mentally ill to buy a gun ? He's (Mooron) i...

Congratulations Liberals. School shutdowns were a complete failure
You cowards destroyed an entire generation in under 2 years. One of the most alarming findings is that school closures widened both econo...

At one time people of FAITH TAUGHT Abstinence
Sexual abstinence Overview Abstinence is the choice not to have sex. This method is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and infection ...

Revenge for the black running over whites at the parade?
The Buffalo shooter had a name written on his weapon. The name of a white victim who was killed by the black rapper in Wisconsin who ran ...

GW search engine is from 1998
Actually quite poor

Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

Patrick McHenry is a Rumplicker
https://docrobforcongress.com/ Don't vote for him, his opponent sounds better.

Who released the bio weapon this time?
China now North Korea. Some folks seem to need a crisis to survive.


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Vote Virginia Foxx for Congress
Virginia Foxx is the Trump-endorsed fighter we need defending our NC values. Early voting runs through May 14th and Election Day is May 17th, so be sure to cast your vote for Virginia Foxx today!
Jonathan Jordan for Judge
Jonathan Jordan's family hails from Wilkes County: Purlear-Cricket-Mt. Pleasant. Great Uncle Ralph Davis served as Chief Dist. Ct. Judge. Experienced-Fair and Balanced-Conservative Constitutionalist.