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Who murdered Seth Rich, and why, is getting closer, and closer to the Democrat party.
http://www.thegatewaypundit...stigation/ breaking complete panic set highest levels dnc seth rich murder investigation

3 teenagers arrested in kidnapping and killing of 6 year old boy
Don't miss the mugshots. http://myfox8.com/2017/05/1...r old boy

Vast cuts to Medicaid f
For those of you who support Donald, I sincerely hope that you do not use Medicaid or have loved ones who do. What a reverse Robin Hood. ...

2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

Let's Play a Game - Word Association
Here's the game: I say a word, and someone else says the first word that comes to his/her head, then someone else says the first word tha...

Why can't we have a Topic titled OFF TOPIC? Where we could post nonsensical statements as long as...

Trump Completes First Leg Of World Hypocrisy Tour

Need an appraiser
I have an antique sword from World War 2 that I would like to have appraised. Does anyone know someone who could do this? Thanks in advance.

Front Brake Rotors
Where can I get brake rotors turned? Does myers tire or any of the tire places do it? Thanks for info.

A heart attack if alone
A cardiologist wrote that if you think you are having a heart attack and alone, chew an aspirin if you have one. The next best thing is t...

Rump bows to Saudi king
Why no outrage from Right Wing Nut Jobs? http://www.thedailybeast.co...ce=copyurl

The FDA is trying to put KY Amish farmer Samuel Girod in jail for up to 68 YEARS with up to $3M in fines for charges stemming from an inn...

What's You Favorite Song's ?
What's You Favorite Song's ?

Car stereo installation in town
Is there a place in town that installs car stereos? We do not want to go to Best Buy. Support WC!

Pool Party
Are there any places in Wilkes to have a pool party for a kids birthday party? My son is obscessed with the water and I really want to ma...

Reckon Our Nation Could Learn Something About Healthcare ?
These countries have universal healthcare for all.. Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong K...

Coin Appraisers/Appraisers
Our Dad had a couple coin collector books filled with coins. After his death in 1968, our Mother had these collections put in a safe depo...

Poise and Elegance
It is great to see our president and his beautiful wife represent our country.

Lost / Found Pet
Please use this thread to post any lost or found pets.

Things that are BAD FOR YOU


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