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Will Democrats abandon Anthony Fauci now?
Media darling Anthony Fauci, caught lying to congress and the American people. He WAS invested in the deaths of over 500 thousand people ...

Another Biden disaster ….the grocery store
Went to the grocery store and it was $200 for 2 people. Usually half of that. Luckily, not a problem for me. Guess Joe planned this since...

Fauci lied….
NIH Contradicts Fauci, Admits Funding Gain of Function Research at Wuhan Lab https://www.breitbart.com/p...wuhan lab

Get their arses outta here!
This is strictly hearsay right now however, I thought it was worth passing on as it is so typical of the individual cited and his cronies...

Biden has not had time to go to the border
There is a bigger crisis in Virginia https://www.nbcnews.com/pol...e n1282100

Destroying the Heritage of The South don't change Truth. Government CAUSED slavery.
Invasion of the South didn't have nothing to do with Slavery.. https://www.foxcarolina.com...b.amp.html

Biden has no plan to reduce gas prices
President Joe Biden said during a CNN town hall Thursday night that he doesn't envision gas prices will go down until 2022. "I don't...

Having a marketable skill
Once again having a marketable skill has resulted in someone calling me today wanting me to come to work for them. They are suppose to ge...

On looking at GoWilkes I noted an ad that asked if I was 18 and I clicked yes and saw what amounted to pornography, not suitable for me, ...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Please take a few moments to be sure you are wearing something pink.

Alec Baldwin shoots and kills woman on movie set.

Gilead Rising

You trumpettes are so hypocritical.
Which do you want, socialism or capitalism? One lets the President control gas prices and the other lets the market control gas prices.

The rest of the story
So ships are piling up at Long Beach waiting to get unloaded. The port is jammed full of containers with no place to stack more. The libe...

What has changed?
6 months ago there was no shortage. We have lost any truck driving jobs or trucks. Someone is causing this on purpose.

The fascists are raising prices to hurt the democrat economy.
They have a foot hold in our government and a poor economy will help their cause. High gas prices is all a ploy to increase their influen...

Trump shoots someone and gets by with it.

New Laundrie Theory
Mar Laundrie had a secret TWIN BROTHER, who his parents killed just to get the attention off their favorite son. So sad.

Get them out NOW
If you love your children and you love this country, you better get your kids out of the leftist government run indoctrination clinics ca...

Everyone on Here Wants Socialism
But only Acumen will admit it.


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