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U.S. interest payments on its debt are set to exceed defense spending.
Federal spending on interest payments is forecast to hit $870 billion this year exceeding the $822 billion that the nation will spend o...

Have you ever felt a song
This one remiinds me of someone evertime I hear it http://www.youtube.com/wat...

The kid that was assaulted in the locker room at Central
Remember this case from a few years ago? A bunch of guys got together and sexually assaulted a 15 year old boy with a broomstick? https:/...

Chicken Livers
Where can I find chicken livers in a local restaurant? Does KFC have them or another restaurant?

It’s Armed Forces Day
And not ONE of them was a loser or sucker as your messiah has said

Have you ever seen
protesters pull down a republican statue?

Trump Predicts Alvin Bragg Will Drop Case Before It Gets To Jury...
Bragg and the rest of the crooks all the way back to the illegitimate installed old crook biden, sure don't want the jury to hear Bob Cos...

Do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus can raise you by His WORD?
Yes or No there is No in between. IF you believe in Jesus why don't you follow HIS TEACHING???; Can you Accept TRUTH? Jesus shouted to th...

It's time to "tap out."
The big similarity with a professional wrestling bout and a Trump speech is they're both fake. The big difference is the wrasslers make i...

last few nights, now
I look out the window in my back yard and flashing blinking lights. They move really fast, some are up high and some blink behind trees. ...

Trump’s speech last night is outstanding, no teleprompter.
As the installed potus biden's mind gets worse and worse, and his poll numbers are tanking . The people who protect him had to come up wi...

Who wants 30,000 new Teslas?
At the start of the year, after Hertz announced it was selling off its fleet of Teslas backtracking on a plan to buy up 100,000 of the ...

Need computer advise.
I need the name of someone to come to my house and hook up a new computer. Is there a computer that is self contained and I won't need so...

Photo rare bird. First US sightihg.
Amateur photographer calls it 'beginners luck' Pretty bird. Pretty ordinary as birds go. But you likely will never see another. https://w...

Drug test Joe
Trump calls for a drug test for Joe Biden . Why shouldn't Joe immediately go get one and prove what he's jacked up on.

The Race
Hey there! Will the race go on as planned this evening? I know it's supposed to storm, but am not sure if they will cancel or not.

Happy Sabbath Day the day God created for man to Rest.
If you CHRISTIANS think following Traditions of Man is going to get you to the Father you're Lying to yourself ONLY ONE WAY... JESUS... w...

Illegals take homes from Wilkes Americans
For every place an illegal rents, it is a place that a Wilkes County American can not live in.

What's fer supper?
Homemade beanee weanee's, baked potato, Hardee's cole slaw, sliced tomatoes, wheat rolls and tea.

How many illegals does Biden want?
Is there a limit?


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