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Trump's company is charged with 17 crimes, but he knows nothing about them.
He claims he doesn't actually run his company. Now we know how he messed up our country so badly.

If you believe the CDC you are mentally handicapped
Surprise surprise the CDC is recommending masks again. This after how many rounds of vaccines ( death jabs) that clearly don't work. And ...

Don't ask why children need to see drag shows
Ask why drag queens want an audience of children

Balenciaga want to guess whoís step daughter models for them?
The fake black VP. Democrats will never wake up but we can see them for what they are.

Stay off the Adult Only site it has a virus. I don't know if Jason has the means to block it but he should take it down.

Letís play a game of controversial statements
I'll start. There are only 2 genders !

What has Brandon done to the price of diesel fuel?
12/07/22 Current National Average reg gasoline $3.355 National Average price diesel fuel $5.031 Let's go, Brandon! https://gasprices.aaa....

washer and dryer
Hey, does anyone know who will pick up used washer and dryer for free?

Serious question. Why do people working in Hollywood movie production need unions?
They work in the most liberal industry in the country for the most liberal people in the country. Shouldn't the employers voluntarily pay...

Remember kids
If she has an apple shae has a banana! https://notthebee.com/artic...gical kids

Geirgia run off
Maybe I have a vindictive streak but I can't help being amused at the voter's choices. They have a choice between an inarticulate, semi i...

What has Brandon done to the price of eggs?
Great Value Jumbo White Eggs, 12 Count 2.4 stars out of 373 reviews $5.42 Let's go, Brandon!

Sen John Kennedy sums up Pedo Joe and the American Dream

When Your O,,wn Father Wants to Squash Who You Are
A 14 year old female child that lives in Texas came out last year as bisexual, Last night she attempted suicide. This is what the hatedul...

The newly elected incoming congress already improving America
With enlistment rates falling from 70 to 90% of annual goals the new congress has a sensible solution. End the vaccine mandates for all s...

Republican senator tell corporations donít come to them for protection from liberal policies.
It's a bout **** time. Let these fools live with what they support. If they support liberals and liberals want to add a windfall profit t...

Guess It's Just A Rumor ?
Heard that last night if Werewolf Walker was ready to give his concession speech ..He reportedly replied "2 hot dogs all rhe way"

How is keeping traditions of the CATHOLICS CHRISTIAN RELIGION serving God?
Are you serving God by following The Traditions of the Antichrist?

Pedo Rump to testify today about his rape charges
Let's hope he shows up, and the victim gets to see him incarcerated.

Do Ye Reckon ?
The gop'ers inGeorgia got something in commom with our own gop'ers on GoWilkes ? It make no difference how incompetent or lacking in inte...


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