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2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

Let's Play a Game - Word Association
Here's the game: I say a word, and someone else says the first word that comes to his/her head, then someone else says the first word tha...

Chump's rambling screed at the UN
Such a national embarrassment:( Impeach now !

John McCain Brain Cancer Update
WASHINGTON (CNN) " Sen. John McCain's brain cancer is "very, very serious," the Arizona Republican said in an interview ...

Painting help
I'm hoping one of you wise people can help me. I'm refinishing a room. It was originally painted a dark color and had several cracks ...

The MegaTard in the White House is threatening nuclear war
Impeach him and his pet Penis too. Make the world safe again : D: D: D: D

Coke or Pepsi?

Is God real or just a chimical imbalance?
The mind can do strange things to the perception of reality.

Are you a dog person, cat person, both or neither?

The players are the only assets the NFL owners have.
They lose their players and they lose everything. Considering this, who do you think is going to win here?

What's your favorite YouTube video?
Let's try something new. What's your favorite videos from YouTube?

Kneeling protests at football (and other) sporting games
To me this is outrageous that it would be tolerated.. But I have the solution: Don't play the National Anthem at sporting events. I have ...

Trump Care
https://www.washingt...story.html Looks like trump care is dead.

Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

Lowe's Companies
During the online application there is a question in regards to any criminal record, I answered truthfully with a yes, weeks later I rece...

The only good snake ...
The Sun reports that Dan Brandon, 31, was found at his home in Church Crookham, Southern England, in the room in which he kept his snakes...

80 some attempts at repealing Obamacare and they can't get it done.
Someone is not taking their Viagra.

African Americans make up 70% of the NFL
Many of them make more than $15 per hour.

I'm mad at all of you
Why didn't any of you tell me before how great YouTube is? I can't believe y'all kept gold like this from me. https://www.youtube....SGh6...

Anyone remember McCarthyism?
It seems it is back in style


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Jenny Jones Realty, Inc
Sign Up With the Sign That Sells, Homes,Land, Farms. Buying or Selling, Call Us! Jenny and Jerry Jones/Jenny Jones Realty, Inc. 336-838-7229
Trail of Treats
Begins at 3pm on Oct 28 at West Park. Admission is free, but please bring cans of non-perishable food items! Co-sponsored by the NWPD & Samaritan Kitchen. Tell us you saw it here!!
Battle Zone Dart Arena
Wilkes county's first nerf battle arena. Bring friends, family, birthday parties, and church groups. Located in the Melody Square Mall, North Wilkesboro. Website: battlezonenc.com Phone: (336)818-3220