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BP Gas Station


Posted 11:57 pm, 12/10/2010

the bp gas st are changing cause the company that brings the gas change to citgo

ron white

Posted 11:08 pm, 12/10/2010

There has to be a reason behind it,they seem to be changing everywhere,you tell us Fins,you seem to have the answers for everything.


Posted 11:04 pm, 12/10/2010

Did any of you all consider it could be something as simple as the distributor changed brands? Most stores dont own their tanks or pumps. The distributor does. And if the distributor changed brands, the store's brand changes.


Posted 11:00 pm, 12/10/2010

Its not just here its in elkin to


Posted 10:58 pm, 12/10/2010

me either

Prank Call Of Cthulhu

Posted 10:57 pm, 12/10/2010

I don't know what's harder to imagine... somebody voluntarily watching Jesse's show, or actually buying into all the hype surrounding the show.

I think this is how they find people to support the GOP cause.


Posted 10:56 pm, 12/10/2010

I cant believe someone would admit to watching Jesse Ventura's show.

ron white

Posted 10:50 pm, 12/10/2010

I'm watching Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura,they are talking about the oil spill and i think it has a lot to do with the Citgo takeover some how,just my opinion!!


Posted 1:56 pm, 12/09/2010

BP is not affiliated with Citgo in no way. I called BP company to verify.

Red Mist

Posted 4:07 pm, 12/08/2010

Don't worry soon we'll be getting our gas and oil from the Russians. Let's see how many drive past those stations! LMBO!


Posted 4:05 pm, 12/08/2010

Hall petro was approached by Citgo and made an offer. He took it.

Red Mist

Posted 4:02 pm, 12/08/2010

Citgo, BP, Exxon, Whatever kind of gas floats the boat is fine by me. Doesn't matter where you buy gas you're either getting it from the Middle East where everyone would like nothing more than to kill every American born. South America or Canada. Nobody is going to drive 10 miles out of their ways to buy gas just because it's a Citgo. Nobody is going to do that if they tell the truth. Citgo or Walmart your money goes to a communist country. The Chinese, or some punk in South America or The Middle East. If you really practice this nonsense of driving past Citgo, then drive past Walmart or any store that sells or promotes a communist product. Or buy your gas and be happy while it lasts. Cause you'll make every wiggle you can about buying Chinese Stuff at the local Pig&Deal! Don't have any choices you'll say which is just another wiggle!


Posted 3:54 pm, 12/08/2010

they've done what first union did. they bought wachovia for the name. first union's name was mud because of their customer service. BP, well they made a lil mess in the gulf....


Posted 2:37 pm, 12/08/2010

BP gas is definitely better than Citgo to me. Guess I'll have to be more creative in my refill stops around here now. The BPs I go to have cheaper prices than most of the other brands. Only stop at Citgo when I'm running low and have no other option. BP gas, and Amoco's before that, ran much better in my car. Too bad.


Posted 10:14 am, 12/08/2010

never putting money in chaves's pocket.... not a good choice.... their gas is always higher


Posted 4:22 am, 12/08/2010

1Squirtgun(view profile)
Posted 11:24 am, 12/07/2010
I'd rather shop BP than fill the pockets of a devout communist Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) owned Citgo. He's the guy who publicly says he wants to help destroy America. Yea Citgo is owned by him and is a "state" run corporation. My guess is their under cutting BP's independent stores staging a mass take over of as many as they can. I wouldn't get gas there if I were to run out in front of the store. At any price.
lol,actually chavez is trying to sell citgo.

Red Mist

Posted 5:24 pm, 12/07/2010

Dude who you think funds this Higo dude and North Korea and all their buddies? Who sent in millions of troops during the korean war? CHINA! Buy all the Walmart stuff and drive past Citgo don't matter cause your money still goes rigjht back to the Chinese!


Posted 4:59 pm, 12/07/2010

BP has a bad reputation after that oil spill....the lies and seeming not to care about those people and their livelyhood....Go Citgo....I get gas at Wilco anyway....it is cheaper....


Posted 4:39 pm, 12/07/2010

DixieDarlin....why do you "have to purchase" 93 octane??? Since all vehicles that run on gas are designed, tested and the mileage estimated by running on 87 octane and as been since they took lead out of gas....


Posted 1:03 pm, 12/07/2010

You make an excellent point, Red. We should buy 0% of our products from China!!! The human rights violations and the routine murder of Chinese citizens, whether there is really ANY kind of reason or not, should be plenty of incentive for us not buying their products, but the US has sent so much of manufacturing to China that we can hardly find American made products, and because they are so rare these days, you pay top dollar for them! It is a sad commentary on what is important to Americans!

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