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Posted 5:29 pm, 10/11/2018

No nine year old should be choked and thrown against a wall. Period.


Posted 5:04 pm, 10/11/2018

Wow! At an elementary school, too! The kid might not be innocent, but the adult obviously shouldn't be working with kids


Posted 5:02 pm, 10/11/2018

A Daymark employee was charged with the incident @ CC Wright school.A teacher another student and the Daymark worker choking a different kid in a classroom.


Posted 4:59 pm, 10/11/2018

I agree, it would have been dumb to close school today

What's this about someone choking a kid??


Posted 4:33 pm, 10/11/2018

Parents are in charge of their kids, not the school. If you didn't think it was safe to send your kids to school, then don't send them. Don't substitute their judgment for your own. This is also true for churches and doctors. You have the best interests of your own child. Don't ever give your power away. BE THE PARENT!


Posted 4:30 pm, 10/11/2018

Is the kid completely innocent in its behavior?


Posted 3:36 pm, 10/11/2018

I am a lot more concerned about an adult choking a child at CC Wright !­čś│


Posted 3:23 pm, 10/11/2018

No win, win here. If there was no school today, parents will fussy cause school closed but if they in school parents still fussy. So, it was a great job to keep school open today.


Posted 3:19 pm, 10/11/2018

Again the kids are safer at school during a weather incidents like Wilkes had today. As far as I know NO school has lost power, NO school is within a flood prone area; leave the kids where they need to be, in school.

uncle drew

Posted 3:02 pm, 10/11/2018

Only in Wilkes County


Posted 2:12 pm, 10/11/2018

No afterschool activities today. Ashe County Schools released at 10:30 AM for the elementary schools. All schools were out at 11:00 AM.


Posted 1:51 pm, 10/11/2018

They should not be at school today to begin with.


Posted 1:13 pm, 10/11/2018

They are safer at school rather than leaving during the storm.


Posted 1:07 pm, 10/11/2018

Flooding trees down power out and still haven't released the kids from school !!! That's my concern!!

Joseph T.

Posted 12:53 pm, 10/11/2018

some detail about your concerns might help


Posted 12:45 pm, 10/11/2018

What is wrong with these people that run Wilkes County Schools??

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