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Scam or is this for real?


Posted 10:45 am, 08/26/2012

Isn't the "misinformation" coming from fundraising websites the prospective parents or their supporters have put up? If so perhaps they need to be more clear in what they are posting.


Posted 10:23 am, 08/26/2012

i would like to say i know this couple and i know for a fact that the race of the child is not an issueand as far as the two little girls they did not have an option to keep those girls they had already been promised to another couple but that couple was out of town the week they came up so they ask jason and nicole to watch them until they returned home so they did not refuse the children it wasnt an option for them to keep them so get your facts straight before you go spreading lies on this couple


Posted 11:03 pm, 08/25/2012

Wow, this entire post has made me sick, It has turned into slander and I think it needs to be deleted. This is trash. I think it was perfectly ok to ask if the letter was a scam. Not saying if I agree with everything that they are doing. But it isn't me so it's not my decision to make. You guys have no right to make out like this couple is racist in anyway. Because they turned down a baby that may or may not exist in Africa has nothing to do with race. Not wanting to adopt a baby from another country does not make them racists by any means. If you don't want to give to this couple then by all means do not give, But don't turn to the childish ways this post is resulting in. This is just sad and I really think Jason should consider deleting the entire thing.


Posted 9:26 pm, 08/25/2012

What this couple does is neither here nor there to me, but I do have one question for the ones giving them a hard time for wanting something specific.

If you have children, did you choose the father/mother of that child?

If it is so wrong for them to want what they want, then the next child you have shouldn't be with your partner. Just go to a sperm/egg bank. Don't ask any specifics about the donor, such as race, eye color, medical history or IQ. Just take what you get and find out the "specifics" when the child is born.

You wouldn't do that and you know it. Don't ask someone else to do what you yourself wouldn't do. It's easy as hello to get on here and act all high and mighty. Live it, then you MIGHT have room to talk. But no wait, all the ones I've read negative things from are the very same ones on here day and night preaching at everyone for being so judgmental and non-tolerant. Its like a broken record with some of you, but you end up contradicting yourself because you turn around and do exactly what you tell others not to do.

Make your word mean something by sticking to it!


Posted 3:35 pm, 08/25/2012

Actually i am trying to talk my wife into adopting a pair of 17 yr old korean girls....but she says to be fair, it should be one girl, and one boy....
...not liking that one bit...


Posted 3:34 pm, 08/25/2012

that was good for a chuckle or two..


Posted 3:25 pm, 08/25/2012

me neither ARN....we're soooo bad!


Posted 3:24 pm, 08/25/2012

I so should not have laughed at that!


Posted 3:19 pm, 08/25/2012

We want to adopt two kids, but we only have room for one more chair at the dining table, so we are going to try to get the siamese kind that are stuck together so they can share the chair


Posted 3:00 pm, 08/25/2012

Note from GoWilkes: this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 1:57 pm, 08/25/2012

It's not any more selfish to want to adopt a newborn than it is to conceive and give birth to a baby... It's kind of all for selfish reasons, is it not?


Posted 1:51 pm, 08/25/2012

Giving the two girls up to a home suitable for
Two kids at one time translates to she couldn't handle
Being a parent... So should you really give money
To them


Posted 1:46 pm, 08/25/2012

it's all in the perspective doggieluver...thankfully, not everyone see's matters equally!


Posted 1:46 pm, 08/25/2012

Public Scrutiny. Look on the bright side. This could be a terrific learning experience, not only for this couple but for others.


Posted 1:39 pm, 08/25/2012

Pubic scrutiny or just plain mean? I used to keep up with things going on in Wilkes by looking @ community voice but no more, I only looked at this post because someone called me and told me how hurtful most of you are being to this couple!

And for wanting a baby first, why is that being selfish? Yes, you can have firsts with any age but if they want to experience it with a baby, that is their perrogative.


Posted 1:35 pm, 08/25/2012

I disagree. I see nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a newborn.


Posted 1:27 pm, 08/25/2012

they are just needy and greedy and all abut themselves.. she made a comment stating she wanted to experience firsts and that's why they want a baby. well let me tell you something. you don't have to have a baby to experience those things. you make memories with a child no matter the age!! because a child of any age will still get up during the night, teeth will fall out and new ones come in, walking, running all that as well as being called mom or dad will all be firsts for you two no matter what age.

I know from experience, my parents adopted an 11 year old boy years before they were able to have me,. so yes everything he did from the day they met him to today has been nothing but firsts!~!

you and your husband are jst being selfish and immature. grow up and stop this non sense!

Calgon Jeannie

Posted 1:18 pm, 08/25/2012

Oh, sorry...I see 1goddess said the same thing!

Calgon Jeannie

Posted 1:13 pm, 08/25/2012

If the couple wants to be left alone, why are they soliciting money from the public?


Posted 12:56 pm, 08/25/2012

" Please, please leave this couple alone, you have no idea what they have already been through!!"

hmmmm....please please give some thought to children who need adoptive homes..


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