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Racial double standards


Posted 11:43 pm, 02/13/2018

If you are Asian and hott, I am your huckleberry. However, you are going to have to get over being submissive.


Posted 11:37 pm, 02/13/2018

I'm okay with someone being racist... As long as they are upfront and honest about it.. It's the racist deniers who rationalize and justify it that are low life scum


Posted 11:28 pm, 02/13/2018

Soooo......if you are moderately racist....thats OK?......lawd

OC....thats my Oprah....I got the box set buddy boy!


Posted 10:58 pm, 02/13/2018


Posted 10:55 pm, 02/13/2018

OK, everybody is racist to a degree, it's when you go over board with it is when it is a problem, just like somebody that drinks a beer occasionally is OK, compared to somebody that stays drunk all the time is not OK.

moderation is the key word here. Black people are the extreme racist more than whites or Latino's. Especially the older people. They may have reason.
I was sitting at a friends house one evening, and 10 black people came in with ski mask on and robed us and shot me through the neck, and left me for dead, Does that make me hate all black people NO ! But I do realize they do things just like that more often then any other race.


Posted 10:14 pm, 02/13/2018

Because whites put up signs that said “No Negros allowed” and “blacks to back of the bus”

When you are the oppressed one, you can say things like “it’s a black thing”

im submissive

Posted 10:00 pm, 02/13/2018

Please, please forgive me, I spelled your name wrong.

im submissive

Posted 9:58 pm, 02/13/2018

Would you find me hot timeforeason?

I am Asian and really shy.


Posted 9:50 pm, 02/13/2018

If I see a hot woman, I don't think about what race she is. She is a hot woman. With that being said, I do personally think Asian women are the hottest.


Posted 9:47 pm, 02/13/2018

I don't go around thinking about what my race is. Why would anyone care? You are what you are. You didn't work to get it.


Posted 9:46 pm, 02/13/2018

Racists come in all colors.


Posted 9:36 pm, 02/13/2018

Give It Up johniii...

There is a difference between "liking your own race best" and constantly denigrating other races.



Posted 9:00 pm, 02/13/2018

I do not see anything wrong with liking your own race best, so that being said, why do people think that is a bad thing?

Every race of people like their own race best, especially blacks, whats wrong with that?
So, why do people think they are putting you down to call a person racist?
I marry within my race, and I think you should too, and most people feel that way, just look around you


Posted 8:46 pm, 02/13/2018

Anti, you're going to get some backlash if you're not careful what you're typing on here.


Posted 8:39 pm, 02/13/2018

Another thing I have wondered about. Why is it okay to say "United Negro College Fund," but not allowed to use a perfectly good word to describe a person?


Posted 8:30 pm, 02/13/2018

If I keep saying things, eventually you'd have to agree with me on something

People can call me whatever they want, I don't really care. But all I know is that if 2 white people doing something would be racist, then 2 black people doing the same thing would also have to be racist.


Posted 7:48 pm, 02/13/2018

OMG Anti... I finally agree with you on something. But you better watch out, the ultra liberals will be calling you racist.


Posted 7:16 pm, 02/13/2018

I'm sure you guys have noticed that I've been watching Celebrity Big Brother. I know it's all staged, but it's still interesting and fun to watch.

But one thing that really bugs me on these shows is how the black people on the show stick together, and openly say it's because they're black. For example, Omarosa told Keshia Knight Pulliam that she wanted to create a "black girl magic alliance."

But had the white girls gotten together and created a white's only alliance, there would be riots in the streets! And at the very least people would be boycotting the show.

After they created the alliance, they started buddying up to Metta World Peace, the only other black person on the show. Who, by the way, is a very disappointing idiot and has no idea what's going on.

Later, Omarosa accuses Brandi of being in a white girl alliance, which apparently includes the Hispanic woman. So not only was she pulling the race card to put the white people on the defensive, but she honestly seemed to think that if they had been in a white's only alliance it would be wrong and racist... even though she actually was in a black's only alliance.

Am I the only one that's really bothered by this double standard? I mean, there are some obvious racists left in the US, like Honest Johnii, but for the most part I think most white people have outgrown it. But so many black people do what they're accusing others of doing, and in their mind that makes it OK!

Can anyone explain the logic?

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