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Murderer of Jonesville Officer Sgt Greg Martin Arrested.


Posted 5:22 pm, 10/04/2012

I got a call that there will be a news conference at 5:30pm today on Channel 12 WXII.


Posted 4:34 pm, 10/04/2012

Officer Martin was a fine young man with a young family that loved him. I am happy there is a break in the case and hope justice is served here.


Posted 1:48 pm, 10/04/2012

SavedandSealed (view profile)

Posted 12:33 am, 10/04/2012

I am so glad to hear that Sgt. Greg Martin's murderer has been arrested. He was the Jonesville officer murdered during a traffic stop on I-77 just south of NC Hwy 67 in October of 1996. I wondered for many years if they would ever get a break in the case. I drove by the place he was killed for many years, saw the badge on the guardrail and the wreath of flowers; thankful justice will be served.


Posted 11:05 am, 10/04/2012

Sorry that happened to you nurse, but I know and respect many of these guys. I've never had to go to the police department to get anything inspected (?), but they have come to my rescue once or twice and I sure was glad to see them.

Dixie Cup

Posted 10:47 am, 10/04/2012

Thanks, I probably misunderstood.


Posted 10:42 am, 10/04/2012

Thanks Getwiththetimes. Makes you wonder what other crimes he has committed and got away with.


Posted 10:35 am, 10/04/2012

Here's a mugshot of him and his house from 1999, three years after the murder for armed robbery.



Posted 10:34 am, 10/04/2012

Dixie, I believe they said its gonna be at 11pm tonight just before the candlelight vigil marking the anniversary of Martin's death.

Dixie Cup

Posted 10:25 am, 10/04/2012

According to WXII news last night, there will be a news conference at 11:00 this morning.

wineina box

Posted 10:17 am, 10/04/2012

Nurse_Turtle (view profile)

I stopped there a few months ago to get an inspection. There was 5-6 employees standing around doing nothing and I was told that everyone was going to lunch and to come back in a hour or so. I didn't understand why ONE guy couldn't stay and spare 15 minutes to do the inspection, or better yet, 2 guys work together and get in done in 10 minutes and THEN go to lunch. It only takes some seemingly small incident to lose a potential customer forever. For others needing inspection, I recommend the Castrol place on 2nd street hill across from the Ford dealership.

You're complaining about the officer getting special treatment because he was a cop. Let me guess. I suspect you thought you should have been treated special just because of who you are.


Posted 9:16 am, 10/04/2012

Chances are that if someone is willing to shoot an armed, trained police officer- he would have no problems shooting anyone if they choose to. This case has haunted Jonesville for a long time and I am so proud of our current detectives for their progress.


Posted 9:09 am, 10/04/2012

I personally am not in law enforcement, nor is any of my family or close friends. But I feel the punishment for murdering a cop doing his job, just to try to get away from a crime should be punished severely, maybe a little more severe than others. If not but just to make a future cop killer think twice.


Posted 9:01 am, 10/04/2012

That's human nature, nurse. Why do we value the life of a law enforcement officer over that of a pedophile? Probably because he lived his life protecting and serving others as opposed to ruining innocent lives. I think that anytime an innocent person is shot in cold blood and their murderer is caught, we should be thankful.


Posted 8:19 am, 10/04/2012

Shouldn't we recognize the imprisonment of ANY murderer? When the victim is a law enforcement officer, does that make the perpetrator worse than if the victim was a prostitute, secretary, CNA, teacher, pedophile? Murderers are caught and jailed multiple times each day without much fanfare. Should the punishment of this murderer be more severe because he killed a LEO instead of some lowlife? I am as relieved as anyone that a killer is in prison, I just don't understand the selective exaltation of these incidents where a LEO is victim. His/her life is no more valuable than any other.


Posted 8:07 am, 10/04/2012

maybe they could build a gallows off i-77 at the spot the murder happened and hang him for everyone to see. let him hang there til the buzzards pick his bones clean. i wouldn't have a problem with it. maybe donate some time or lumber. or the rope.

george h w b

Posted 7:34 am, 10/04/2012

Glad they caught him. Sure hope they have enough evidence to convict his ***. If found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, let him have one appeal and if still guilty, FRY his ***. No prison time for us law abiding citizens to support.

wrestling Grandpa

Posted 7:22 am, 10/04/2012

I surely hope that all the evidence gathered is such that the defense attorney will not be able to get it thrown out on a technicality....this is horrible and this suspect if evidence supports his guilt needs to be on death row if not life imprisoned with no possibility of parole...ever.....as far as I am concern he should be isolated.....


Posted 6:19 am, 10/04/2012

yes; according to WXII news, this particular perp was actually busted in Florida; yes, Singleman: You're right: Kudos to the law-enforcement folks who were involved in this case; RIP, Sgt Martin: Your killer has finally been busted.


Posted 5:31 am, 10/04/2012


Posted 12:57 am, 10/04/2012


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