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Posted 4:23 pm, 05/26/2023

Thanks brother!


Posted 2:59 pm, 05/26/2023

Another advantage of bagged mulch:

Several years ago I had Appaloosa (username "rwebster930") deliver and spread two truckloads of mulch for me. It was a great company that did good work, but I quickly discovered that the mulch they'd gotten was full of millipedes!!!!

It took years to get rid of all of them

I'd almost forgotten about that.


Posted 2:30 pm, 05/26/2023

I buy bags from Lowes. Thanks for the infor JC.


Posted 9:57 am, 05/26/2023

Some lawn care companies will. You could Try them. If you get with a tree cutting company that's around your area they always need a place to dump there chips. They will give it to you.


Posted 1:18 am, 05/26/2023

I had the same problem! I resorted to buying bags of mulch from Lowes and having them delivered

Lowes has Scott's NatureScape mulch on sale right now for $2 /bag. Sale ends May 31:

This is in the classifieds, he doesn't explicitly say that he'll haul mulch but it seems logical that it would fit with his services:

tell it as I see it

Posted 7:41 pm, 05/25/2023

surely someone can do this

tell it as I see it

Posted 12:17 pm, 05/25/2023

hummmm? nobody?

tell it as I see it

Posted 9:49 am, 05/25/2023

Who can bring me a load of mulch? Price?

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