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Life on mars really??? Or


Posted 8:22 pm, 05/16/2019

I’m impressed you could blubber all of that down while obviously openly weeping.

You paint yourself into rather unintelligent corners, and then whine when you’re called on it. Perhaps saying less unintelligent things would keep you from getting your widdle feelings hurt in the future.


Posted 7:40 pm, 05/16/2019

playing semantics is a sure signal that you have no substance to argue with swcy.....

but if you do want to go that route, when did i ever say that YOU SPECIFICALLY said those words? It was a representation of how those on your side (up to and including possibly you as well) refer to pro-lifers.....and yes, many on your side have referred to it as that.....i'm assuming it for you as well. If "barbaric" is not how you would specifically describe my position, then "please, please, oh please" provide which adjective you would like me to use from now on.

Look up the word implication.

For someone who pretends to be the great arbiter of debating, you surely are terrible at it.

If you knew anything about actual debating, you would know that it's IMPOSSIBLE for either side to win or lose an argument, if they disagree on the premises, or are arguing from a completely different moral authoritative base as we are. I know those are some big words for you so i'll break it down for you if you don't understand.

But being that you don't know what you're talking about, you consistently do the same ic stuff like appealing to semantics or demanding actual quotes from something that was implied.

Go ahead swcy....do your thing that you always have to do, oh great arbiter of debating. I'm not going to engage with you anymore. It's like arguing with a child.


Posted 2:38 pm, 05/16/2019

6 day creation Doing what is right in ones own eyes. Your Choice Your LIFE. Its sad that some women only care about themselves.


Posted 2:18 pm, 05/16/2019

Sarge doesn’t mean everything he says.


Posted 1:59 pm, 05/16/2019

So you say I've said these things and now you are saying I didn't or you can't be bothered to prove it.


Posted 1:41 pm, 05/16/2019

my feelings are very clear.....i distinguished between my personal beliefs and how i would be willing to compromise if i were a legislator.

i don't need to go nitpicking through every thread you've ever posted to find that exact word combination.

your insane standpoint is easy enough to figure out through implication swcy.

Have a nice day.


Posted 11:29 am, 05/16/2019

I think Sarge is having trouble figuring out which posts are his and which posts aren’t.


Posted 11:27 am, 05/16/2019

sgtkracka (view profile)

Posted 11:18 am, 05/16/2019

anything i propose less than allowing full-term abortions for convenience is extreme and barbaric but ripping full-term babies from the womb is not extreme and barbaric in yalls world.

Please please oh please show me once where this was said. I await your reply.

You don't like being questioned and it is causing you to question yourself, it is OK, it is called growth.


Posted 11:18 am, 05/16/2019

anything i propose less than allowing full-term abortions for convenience is extreme and barbaric but ripping full-term babies from the womb is not extreme and barbaric in yalls world.

I have nothing more to discuss on this issue with you crazy people.

Maybe yall should just let Antithesis handle the legitimate arguing from now on. He/she is the only one from your end that doesn't make you all look like psychopaths.


Posted 10:43 am, 05/16/2019

Sustainable outside the womb.


Posted 10:42 am, 05/16/2019

If a fetus isn't a life form why worry about aborting it?? If it not alive it can't grow .


Posted 10:41 am, 05/16/2019

We are talking about it because you brought it up and continue to discuss to extreme.

It's lovely that your compromise is basically telling all women what they must do. Great compromise.

We already have laws on the books concerning abortions after 24 weeks. Maybe a quick study would help.


Posted 10:39 am, 05/16/2019

I’m sure women everywhere are glad you’ve come up with a compromising way to control their bodies, Sarge.


Posted 10:37 am, 05/16/2019

if convenience abortions past 24 weeks are a "myth", then why are we discussing it? If they don't exist, then you and i agree that they should never happen after 24 weeks?


Posted 10:34 am, 05/16/2019

Convenience abortions after 24 weeks is a myth in your religious world.


Posted 10:32 am, 05/16/2019

one extreme or the other?

i've already offered a theoretical compromise that allows for abortions at ANY stage for rape, incest, mother's life being endangered, or fetus non-viability.

I also offered in the same compromise, an allowance for convenience abortions up to 24 weeks.....and even after 24 weeks, they still don't have to carry the baby to term, as the babies would be delivered via c-section and incubated with a procedure that's not drastically different in severity from the procedure they would have to undergo to abort it anyway.

but none of that is cool with you. In your world, they HAVE to have the option of ripping it to pieces up to the point of birth.

So the "extreme" is all on your end.

this is all taking place, however, in the theoretical universe where you and i are legislators actually out doing stuff besides sitting here slinging keyboard s*&^ at each other on gowilkes.


Posted 10:23 am, 05/16/2019

Maybe he was referencing a scene form “Unplanned.”

Form what I understand, that movie took some liberties with facts.


Posted 10:16 am, 05/16/2019

Sarge did come up with the business idea.


Posted 10:15 am, 05/16/2019

I’m only going to assume heretobeconfused was talking to Sarge. It was his idea.


Posted 10:12 am, 05/16/2019

FFS. That's not even close to what is being said.

Why is it one extreme or the other?

Sustainable life outside the womb. That's really not that hard to understand.

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