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How many of you leftists want to see Ellen Degeneres die horribly of a dread toenail fungus


Posted 1:07 am, 10/10/2019

I personally could not care less. It is their business who their friends are.


Posted 11:29 pm, 10/09/2019

So they're having fun at a ball game, it doesn't seem to be a big issue among normal people. Hope they have season tickets.


Posted 11:00 pm, 10/09/2019

The older he/she gets the more she looks like Alfred E. Newman.


Posted 10:51 pm, 10/09/2019

I'm pretty sure that Ellen is the long lost Bush son.

Wrestling grandpa1

Posted 10:45 pm, 10/09/2019

Of course you could not or would not say that to G W Bush or Laura Bush..but that is what we have come to expect from you...time to go to sleep....


Posted 9:10 pm, 10/09/2019

You're right. Huckabee ain't.

Why did that bother you, Huckabee?


Posted 9:08 pm, 10/09/2019

I'm mad at Former President Bush for sitting beside of her. But maybe it will build her character up a little.

sparkling water

Posted 9:00 pm, 10/09/2019

Well, some folk ain't none too happy about it.


Posted 8:59 pm, 10/09/2019


Is this an issue? Rich white people hang out with other rich white people. What's new?

sparkling water

Posted 8:58 pm, 10/09/2019

because she sat next to W and enjoyed herself?

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