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Gingerbread men


Posted 2:27 am, 12/07/2018

Like your soul lol?
So have you been good boy this year casket?
You know Misses santa gives out 2 kinds of presents. One for good little boys and girls and coal for all the naughty children so krumpus can come beat you with stick at night.


Posted 1:49 am, 12/07/2018

Black & Gray


Posted 1:49 am, 12/07/2018

Blackrose, make me a quilt.


Posted 1:40 am, 12/07/2018

I finally found them, if anyone has heard of rubber thimbles or finger covers. Then that's what I been looking for, for weeks cause unfortunately for me, the immense hand sewing I have done over the past few yrs come with a price, such as my skin on my finger tip tearing off, the soreness and my skin flaking up.
Hopefully with these, it will make things easier now. But I figure home made stuff is always the best for the holidays. I been wondering if kids would like a lap quilt for Christmas or if I should just give it to a senior who will better appreciate it since kids wants toys right? Not blankets.


Posted 2:52 pm, 12/06/2018

That sounds wonderful Rose, glad you're enjoying the holiday season! Merry Christmas!!


Posted 2:33 pm, 12/06/2018

BlackRose's quilts are fabulous folks, they really are!


Posted 2:29 pm, 12/06/2018

They're delicous, better then that store stuff, not all sweet, but just enough to where it's delicous. My neighbors are crazy about them, I just finished having a glass of milk and have decided I will be making them as presents for my friends, I also am doing lap quilts as gifts.


Posted 2:24 pm, 12/06/2018

Rose, your Gingerbread men turned out great! I hope they were as delicious as they are cute!


Posted 12:55 pm, 12/06/2018

Looks like you did a great job.


Posted 12:35 pm, 12/06/2018

Well so far the house is not burnt down. My men are deformed hunchbacks with only one perfect in the center lol.


Posted 11:19 am, 12/06/2018

You did fine Blackrose. They remind my of gumby from SNL.

sparkling water

Posted 10:33 am, 12/06/2018

Gingerbread men trigger persons of color.


Posted 10:07 am, 12/06/2018

You should have gotten Fins to take you to a DG!


Posted 1:28 am, 12/06/2018

Needs cocaine


Posted 1:03 am, 12/06/2018


Posted 1:02 am, 12/06/2018

But I don't do drugs.


Posted 12:51 am, 12/06/2018

Sprinkle cocaine on them.


Posted 12:23 am, 12/06/2018

So I have went to every store I could think of to find raw cookie dough or baking mix and all they have is the made already cookies with to much sugar or gingerbread houses. And so I said "Screw this ****" and went home, googled the recipe and made some myself. Has anyone else done the same thing? I made 2 kinds of batches cause my first batch was I think to thick, but then my other seems some what perfect enough with them not being paper thin. But what I think of as a cookie perhaps. Now for the question. How should they be decorated?

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