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Posted 6:33 pm, 02/03/2023

Native alcohol varieties have been medicine for the local populace.

Moonshine here, Mezcal in Mexico, Vodka in Russia/Poland�.etc. have you tried Sutlers Gin JC? I think you'll enjoy it.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 6:27 pm, 02/03/2023

A lot of whiskey was used for medicinal purposes. Ma would always take a select amount and mix it with camphor crystals. If breathed, it would bring almost instant relief for nausea.


Posted 6:12 pm, 02/03/2023

Cough syrup used to be moonshine, honey and lemon juice. As a kid my folks thought if a kid had some kind of complaint like a stomach they thought you needed a dose of castor oil or a dose of salt's. I don't think it helped but it did cut down on complaints. Now one med that did work was paragoric. Too bad we can't get it for any reason due to it's addictive properties.


Posted 4:36 pm, 02/03/2023

I don't think we ever tried that one!

My cure-all was always just mixing Peach moonshine with RC cola. If the first one didn't work, you'd get a second one that's stronger. The ongoing joke was that, if it didn't cure you, at least you wouldn't worry about it so much!

NOW I have to wonder, why RC instead of orange juice?!


Posted 4:22 pm, 02/03/2023

Same here for instance. For Diarrhea they would pour a little shine in a metal pan strike a match and let it burn for a few seconds blow it out let it cool and then drink it. Seemed to work


Posted 4:17 pm, 02/03/2023

Same here .for instance for diarea


Posted 4:14 pm, 02/03/2023

In my house, moonshine was a cure-all. There was one time that they thought I'd broken my ankle, so they gave me moonshine to see if it would fix it!! LOL

It did not

But I guess that led to my preference for stronger flavors. And honestly, I have a super, super high tolerance, probably because of that childhood. I couldn't tell you the last time I was even a little tipsy.

DB Cooper

Posted 4:04 pm, 02/03/2023

You're tougher than me. I had one experience with Everclear and it was not good.


Posted 4:03 pm, 02/03/2023

Maybe it's because I grew up in Boomer, but I have never in my life had a desire to taste pine trees! I honestly don't know how people can stomach it.

I never really liked c*cktails to be honest, they're just too sweet for me. I like the heat, though, so it's only been in recent years that I've learned that I prefer higher end straight liquor. Vodka martinis are OK, but for the most part I'd prefer something that I can just pour and sip. So far, that's been narrowed down to whisky and Hendrick's.


Posted 3:54 pm, 02/03/2023

Used to like an occasional Greyhound, ice, gin, Grapefruit juice and a splash of Sprite, Seven Up or ginger ale. Friends who drank gin seemed to like Bombay or Beefeaters. Most famous authors are known to have preferred gin.The pine taste is from an infusion of Juniper berries.


Posted 3:01 pm, 02/03/2023

We made PJs out of Everclear I feel like it was one of those things that we just dumped a bunch of random things in it! LOL I know those big bottles of fruit punch were in it.

I was older when I tried gin, probably pushing 30. An older friend was all about Beefeaters and was convinced that I would love it, but I hated it! Then I tried Bombay Sapphire, and hated it, too. After trying 2 or 3 other bottles I decided it just wasn't for me.

But Hendrick's is a whole other story. It's more of a crispy Summer drink, I could definitely see myself sitting in the garden and sipping it on ice.

DB Cooper

Posted 2:43 pm, 02/03/2023

Years ago we used to tool around town with a cooler of PJ or 'Purple Jesus' in the trunk. I don't recall the exact formula but it was grapefruit juice and gin with just enough grape juice to turn it purple. Those were the days!


Posted 2:23 pm, 02/03/2023

We had some fun talking about whisky, so I wanted to talk about gin for a second

I don't like gin. I really gave it the best chance I could because everyone else loved it, but to me it always tasted like licking a pine tree! LOL


I was on a cruise last year, and the alcohol package lets me try a bunch of things I usually wouldn't try because it's "free". The concierge recommended that I try Hendrick's, so I did.

Now that gin was really good! It wasn't all juniper berries like other gin, it mainly just tasted like roses and citrus.

Whisky is more of a dessert drink, where gin is more appropriate before a meal. So if you're like me and usually don't go for gin, this is one I can recommend

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