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Posted 4:06 pm, 05/16/2019

swucy take yo Rosetta Stone & stick it in yo... The question was ask at 1:11pm... Yet, what does a Puppet know??


Posted 3:57 pm, 05/16/2019

No one knows when you ask a question, Marie. I don’t have my Rosetta Stone handy.


Posted 3:47 pm, 05/16/2019

My MY.. The Puppeteer & Puppet got the last 6-7 post, yet couldn't even answer one simple Question.. In saying, only a bunch of BULLSHIP...


Posted 2:19 pm, 05/16/2019


I’m not gonna lie...that took me a second.


Posted 2:07 pm, 05/16/2019

I wonder if this experience with Donald has caused Stormy to stop eating mushrooms on her pizza.


Posted 2:04 pm, 05/16/2019

I'd even sign a non-disclosure saying we didn't have sex. That's how far I'd go to get paid.


Posted 1:41 pm, 05/16/2019

I am willing to not have sex with him on a daily basis.


Posted 1:37 pm, 05/16/2019

I wonder if Trump would send me money not to have sex with him.


Posted 1:34 pm, 05/16/2019

So...Marie is saying Drumpf paid Stormy off because they DIDN’T have sex?



Posted 1:27 pm, 05/16/2019

Oh they had sex. You don't sign a non-disclosure agreement because you bumped into someone in the hall.


Posted 1:11 pm, 05/16/2019

Did Stephanie ever pay MR. Trumps attorney fees awarded? Maybe he had an affair with her, Maybe he didn't.. Even though, hush money was paid, yet if'in so she was only paid to Spread'em not open that mouth either way, in the moment nor after... Jmo.. MR Trump never had sexual relations with that woman...


Posted 11:53 pm, 05/15/2019

I agree gandy hes a complete loser.


Posted 10:53 pm, 05/15/2019

gandydancer49 (view profile)

Posted 8:46 pm, 05/15/2019

The only person Mooron has hired or appointed who really knew how to do their job was "Stormie" Daniels


that there's a gut buster...ROTFL!!!!!


Posted 10:11 pm, 05/15/2019

Are you confused? Who said that? Ask Hammy to clarify things for you.

sparkling water

Posted 10:04 pm, 05/15/2019

You said he hired her.


Posted 9:55 pm, 05/15/2019

Trump paid Stormy for a service? That's not the way she tells it. But he did pay her to keep quiet about it.
Sparkieeee you need to get your story straight.

sparkling water

Posted 9:36 pm, 05/15/2019

He payed her for a service she was willing to give. There was no coercion.
You are conflating his relationship/transaction w Stormy with a statement he made at another time.
That is a fallacy.


Posted 9:33 pm, 05/15/2019

Sex worker....I hope I remember that line ..But if I's a star, I could do anything to a woman I want ? Right ?

sparkling water

Posted 9:26 pm, 05/15/2019

You gave your evaluation of Trump’s choice of sex worker.

I assumed you’d checked her out so you’d have a baseline for comparison.


Posted 9:23 pm, 05/15/2019

I did'nt think this post was about me ? Did you ?

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