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Chalma Hunt


Posted 11:24 pm, 09/17/2020

She believes that government should: "create a living wage for the hardworking people of this county".

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Posted 8:30 pm, 09/17/2020

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Posted 8:25 pm, 09/17/2020

I kant spel.


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Posted 8:24 pm, 09/17/2020

The county commission dies provide a local supplement to the dchool board's education budget.

In some nc counties it is a $thousand or so per student.


Posted 7:44 pm, 09/17/2020

By articulating her "issues" she uses words sure to fire up the leftist schlitZ but have no basis in the job of a county commissioner.


Posted 4:14 pm, 09/17/2020

I found her website:

I do not think that I will be voting for her because the 3 issues she posts have nothing to do with being a commissioner.

Education... that's great, but that's up to the State and School Board, not the County Commissioners.

Healthcare... that's great, but the Medicaid expansion is a State issue.

Build up infrastructure and broadband, and create a living wage... again, that's all great, but those are State issues.

If she doesn't even know what the job does, there's no way I could vote for her. Maybe read a tutorial or something, then try again next time.


Posted 11:52 am, 09/17/2020

I bet she's an angel.

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Posted 11:50 am, 09/17/2020

Someone ort to get to know this lady and present their findings on a public forum.


Posted 11:41 am, 09/17/2020

Whomever she or he is? Best wishes and good luck. In complete honesty I've been standing down. Until 1 or all as to be impartial. Get tired of the strain and vacate. Because I may like or or call of them.
There's an butt load of issues. Needing more attention and less red tape. Yes,I am coming. To do what I can for my neighbors. On every dot mapped of Wilkes. Also? I don't think it's warranted? To "rag" on someone wanting to help someone else.


Posted 7:39 am, 09/17/2020

I removed a few posts that were off topic and/or trolling.


Posted 7:20 am, 09/17/2020

Why are you against jobs?


Posted 6:14 am, 09/17/2020

Drumpf? You are pro-unemployment?


Posted 10:16 pm, 09/16/2020

Given what the dems are doing why would anyone who enjoys a peaceful community vote for them?


Posted 9:20 pm, 09/16/2020

I just can't understand how you have no candidate you think well enough of to recommend.

That is telling. Proof of your partisan tooldom.


Posted 9:14 pm, 09/16/2020

Meanwhile, Hunt is still a demonRat and the righteous will not vote for her.


Posted 9:03 pm, 09/16/2020

Not even one?


Posted 8:16 pm, 09/16/2020

Who do you recommend?


Posted 8:15 pm, 09/16/2020

Will you be voting for any Republicans, scumbag swucy?


Posted 7:08 pm, 09/16/2020

Ha! Tbagg doesn't know anything about her, but will definitely be voting against her.

What a tool.


Posted 6:29 pm, 09/16/2020


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