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California Fires


Posted 3:12 pm, 10/12/2017

sparkling water

Posted 3:01 pm, 10/12/2017

California has suffrred wildfires as long as I can remember.

Folk who live there should know the risks.

Same goes for folk who live near any Gulf Coast or Southern Beach.

Iowans and Kansans should be alert to the possibility of tornadoes.

Alaskans should be aware of the possibility of frost.

The earth is still a wild place.

Mad Scientist

Posted 3:01 pm, 10/12/2017

No but it's fun to poke the liberal every now and then.


Posted 2:46 pm, 10/12/2017

surely to gawd u don't really believe that!

Mad Scientist

Posted 2:43 pm, 10/12/2017

He cares about America, he just doesn't give a crap about liberals.


Posted 2:35 pm, 10/12/2017

The Golfer In Chief doesnt care about America


Posted 2:33 pm, 10/12/2017

He's already surpassed Obama , he claims to be great at golf even when he cheats.

Mad Scientist

Posted 2:31 pm, 10/12/2017

It's Commiefornia, let it burn.


Posted 2:30 pm, 10/12/2017

He is busy golfing more than Obama did in eight years


Posted 2:26 pm, 10/12/2017

Former administrations have been keeping N.Korea under control without war, threatening war, or giving kim jong a reason to step up his nuclear ambitions.

White America

Posted 1:37 pm, 10/12/2017

California is always on fire , North Korea has been at war with the USA for the last 70 years, and spoiled rich players can be fired and replaced.


Posted 1:32 pm, 10/12/2017

Agreed, kenc, afterall, those issues over hurricanes, floods and fires are detrimental to our Presidents health.


Posted 1:25 pm, 10/12/2017

Trump's too busy trashing football players and taking insurance from us common folks, to even know or care. Not to mention his fixation on starting a war with north Korea.


Posted 1:20 pm, 10/12/2017

It is barely being discussed. I believe because there are the photos of swimming cats and 4-wheel drive trucks with a US flag on it driving thru water. People are dying, homes are being destroyed, livelihoods are wiped out, but it doesn't fit a certain narrative.


Posted 9:57 am, 10/12/2017

California Fires, Does this Racist Agolf Twitler President even care and what is he doing to help California other than bash the state?

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