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Another judge?

Thematic element

Posted 11:37 am, 04/21/2017

Tick tock, ****

sparkling water

Posted 11:33 am, 04/21/2017

Ginsburg will probably die soon.

There is an opportunity gor a new right leaning justice.

Breyer is also looking a little long in the tooth.


Posted 11:29 am, 04/21/2017

Choo choo


Posted 9:45 am, 04/21/2017

AND the Trump Train rolls on!

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 9:40 am, 04/21/2017

There is no doubt that Hillary would have picked a liberal judge who would "legislate from the bench". That is not the job of a judge.

Gorsuch was a HUGE win for those who believe in the constitution and the fair treatment of ALL US citizens it guarantees. More "wins" to come!

Wrestling grandpa1

Posted 9:27 am, 04/21/2017

Yes the constitution that the founding father placed Separation of Church and State..mearning no tax dollars go to any church for buildin maintenance or preperty improvement. ..the members of that church can donate or do the work it self...we need a judge who will not side with big business and not the worker...but that us what you far right GOP voted for and got. .m the likes of Trump McConnell, Koch Brothers, Adelson of Las Vegas...less taxes for them...put it on the middle class..those earning less than 100 thousand dollars. ..they are used to being taken....oh yeah now the latest from the VA is a p ropis as l yo charge Veterans $2400.00.to access the benefits they were promised...all in the name of balancing the budget. ...ask Virginia about that..oh wait she is a secretary to the far right caucus so she is a rubber stamp....

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 9:14 am, 04/21/2017

This would be great if we could pick another great judge that believes in following the constitution.


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