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Monte de Rey
(58 reviews)

Specialty: Mexican

1804 Winkler Street
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

(336) 903-1276


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Kids Menu Available: No

Monday -Sunday
10 am-11:00 pm
Price Range:
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El Monte Del Rey Mexican Restaurant welcomes you and your family to experience a delightful lunch or dinner with our familly.

Our family restaurant serves delicious and satisfying meals such as: Cheesy Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Sizzling Fajitas, Sopapillas, Sizzling Apple Pie, Ice cold Domestic and Imported beer, and especially Great Tastin' Margaritas!

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take out was bad, left out a couple of things , food cold,

My daughter and I like this place, it is also where she met her husband. The food is always good. Was telling my daughter that it may be because this place is not a chain. We go there at least once a month.

Great food, very nice folks, need to update restrooms

This is my absolute favorite place to eat in Wilkes! The staff is so friendly, excellent service, great food and good prices. I choose this restaurant over any other in the area!

I LOVE it, REAL True Mexi/American food with GREAT Flavor.

Great place..!!

Great food, Service all depends on who you get to wait on you.

They are great, waiters and food, My husband & I go there quite often to get Beef Taco Salad & he likes the rice. Like the way they dress, always up beat & nice, Don't like clothes that look like they just good out of bed, not like that here they are neat. If had choose to eat out it would be here.

i love the chicken taco salads best five dollars spent.

Totally recommend!! This place is GREAT!

Food was good and the people were exceptionally nice, Very impressive

Always had great food and excellent service. The shrimp cocktail is the best.

The food is OK, but let's be honest; we can get this sort of Mexican food at any Hispanic get-up in the southeastern United States.

Thumbs down for mediocrity.

That Place Is GREAT!! Several coworkers and i go there every week for lunch. No matter how busy they are, we get great service and great food. the wait staff is great and always have a smile. The owner is always making sure everyone is having a great meal. If you havent been in, you should stop in for lunch or dinner...cause i loved It.

I must admit I was alittle skeptical when my daughter said lets go to monte de ray for supper but we went and boy was I glad.
They knew my daughter by name since she eats there all the time and I was very impressed.
The food was out of this world, my daughter who is 18 had a kids meal which was huge and I had a taco salad which was also huge but the food was excellent and the wait time was short maybe 10 minutes at the most and the bill was like 10.12 for me and my daughter.
the waiter was great kept our glasses full and kept chips and salsa on the table at all times and was always close by if we needed anything,
anyone who has not tried this place should you will not be sorry its the best mexican food I have ever had!!!!

Food is authentic, and all the employees are so nice, but they could do a little something with the bathrooms...they look rough.

Simply some of the best Mexican food you can find. 2 thumbs up

Great food but i think Chile Verda is a little better

I would describe Monte De Rey as more for your money. They have extraordinarily quick service and a VERY genorous amount of food. I'd deffinatly recommend it to anyone.

This is the best place in Wilkes County. I work close by and often recommend it to people traveling through and very often I get phone calls or they come back by to thank me for my recommendation. I have family who live two hours away and have found excuses to come see me so they can eat there! Great food. Great people. You can't beat it.

Work brings my husband & I to this area for 2-3 mos. each year. We live in AL but I am from Texas. Of course, everyone knows Texans are connoisseurs of Tex/Mex food and Monte de Rey rates right up there with the best. Having been in rest. management, I feel qualified to say: The service is great and the servers are always pleasant; food is served quickly & in ample amounts to satisfy even the big appetites; & most importantly, the restaurant is clean. I have eaten Tex/Mex all over the US and eating @ Monte de Rey is a pleasure.

I totally agree!!! Monte de Rey is my favorite place to eat in town. But it is only one of a small chain of Monte de Reys the owner has. I eat quite often at the one in Jonesville. It's about half the size of the one in N. Wilkesboro. It's every bit as good. And some of the nicest young people you would ever want to meet are employed there. If you go one time you will go back.

2 Thumbs Up!!! I eat there just about every week and it is great everytime. The management recognizes the regulars and is very appreciative of your business. Which is a nice change from some of the other places around here. The service is outstanding and the food is fresh, hot and fast. I have tried other Mexican in town but always come back to Monte del Rey. They are the BEST!!!!!!!

I love Monte De Rey!!!!!!!! Thefood is great and so are their margaritas. They really know how to mix them. I get a buzz off of the 1st one and drink. That says alot for me. I hate to have to drink 4 or 5 before I get that kind of feeling.

Yeah I eat there like 3 or 4 times a week. KING OF THE MOUNTAIN is excellent. Best place to eat in Wilkes IMO

I love Monte de Rey! The employees are super-awesome and friendly, and the food is great! My friends and I go there often, because the prices are good. I love being greated with a smile and treated with super service! Keep up the good work!

Monte de Rey is by far the best Mexican Restaurant in Wilkes County! It used to be that my idea of Mexican food was "Taco Bell", but then tried Monte De Rey and was hooked! I have tried Chile Verde, but will not bother going back there - no comparison!

If you love the resturant in Wilkes, you must try the one in Winston-Salem. It is 10x better. The one here is fantastic, and I eat there at least 3 x a week.

service is great here but tacobell has better tasting food.

The food was GREAT.


this restaraunt is awesome what are u haters talking about. They have the best service, people, food and Margaritas!!! by the way you have to try the "boston tea party" its even better, I had about 3 pitchers of it (they have to pull out the secret rolodex for that). I have known the owner since i was little thats why i love it because of the atmosphere, and the fact that they know my fam' but especially me, my sis, and my friend. They let us run a-muck in there. Chile verde is alright but i dont think that California's food compares and i'm from Mexico (ok TX but thats pretty **** close) We love MONTE DE REY!!!

They got ok 'dessert' but i prefer american...

I am very happy with this place! Their food is delicious and their prices are affordable. The wait staff have always been very kind and courteous. My friends and I always enjoy eating there and will be back very soon! I first heard about them on our local gospel station and we tried them and like them very much.

I think it's nasty. I went one time and that's it! I think that they have a goat tied up out back and go get the milk from it and call it cheese. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY. It makes me gag to think about that warm, runny so called cheese!!!

I love the food here it's great

I go to monte every friday and we always have a good time. Everone there is nice. The food is great.

I have to say I really like this place. The atmosphere is great and the wait staff is all friendly. I don't like the salsa much ( I think it taste like soap). I do love their mild sauce (like spaghetti sauce) and their white cheese is really yummy. Even though half the time I don't have a clue what I am ordering it is always good!!


authentic and wonderful...great service, food, and value...i cant believe someone on here actually said taco-**** is better...says a lot about the "taste" or lack thereof of some of ya...

They are the best, great food and service!! Rosa the hostess is wonderful. My daughter, grandson and myself were eating lunch last week and of course my 2 year old grandson was not on his best behavior and Rosa took him for a walk so we could finish our food. Where else can you go and get such service as that. Thanks Rosa!! We eat there at least once a week and have never been dissapointed!! Thanks to all the great staff for your hard work and great food.

great service, good food.

monte rocks muy bien


I have always received excellant service there and every dish I've ever tried is absolutely wonderful. I love the Cheese dip. Very authentic.

Best food around and the service is awesome!

The Very best Wait Staff, and very good food! "You're the Man Oscar"

best food around u will ever get in this county

The best food in town

My kids and I love Monte!! We go to eat there as often as possible! We love all the staff . My daughter loves Monte so much that she did an art project in school and made a Monte De Rey building. The prices are great and the food is even better.

Montes is muy bien. The food is great and the staff are so funny and crazy!!!!!!! I love this place and would eat there everyday if i could. Oscar is the perfect person for the checkout because he is so nice and always has a smile on his face !!!!!!! GO OSCAR!

iT SMELLED BAD FROM THE DOOR. Service was subpar. I've had better mexican at Taco Bell. Will not go back!!

We love Monte De Rey. Great food, great prices, great service, great atmosphere. My favorite is the ACP and the grilled chicken nachos. Real authentic Mexican food. Don't know how some of you get that Taco Bell is better.


My favorite restaurant to eat at!! All the staff is nice and the food is DELICIOUS!! I have never had a bad experience and I have been eating there a long time..


How could someone say the cheese was not good, they are crazy that cheese is the best "GOAT" cheese that I have ever had then.....that is one of the main reasons me and my family come here is to get a cup of the cheese as well as the salsa and chips its ...so goood,,,,,I want some now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best place to eat in Wilkes.

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