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Dee-Jays (Family Restaurant)
(18 reviews)

Specialty: Buffet

1214 School St.
Wilkesboro, NC

Menu Online: No
Kids Menu Available: No

Open daily except Mondays
tues thru fri
7:30 AM--8 PM
wed 7:30 -2:00
sat 6:30am-8:00 pm
Sundays 8:00am- 3:00 PM
Private Rooms for Parties or Meetings

Price Range:
competitive homemade food( not heat and eat)

We accept:

Serving Lunch & Dinner Buffet...Breakfast Buffet on Saturdays & Sundays...Also Full menu offering Steaks, Seafood, Sandwiches and much more !
all you can eat from our buffet ! home cooked variety
" Dee-Jays It's Dee-lious "
( Senoir discount on buffet )

Go Wilkes! Users Reviews
Reviews 1 - 18
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33 %

This place is the most awfullest place i have ever been to. The young kids can not do there jobs as a waitress I never leave any tips when I go if the young kids are there they never re fill any thing and there always on cell phone are in the back. I do not recomined this place for any one

Deejays is a great place to eat.....love love love the food...service is great.cant ask for a better plae to eat.

No good at all.......

Man DEEE_JAYSS IS Great! The food is hot and well, what do you expect for such a bargain. Also you don't get undesirables eating there, you know people with sagging jeans and such.

I wouldn't recommend going here within the last hour and a half before closing time. Food on buffet is old and not refilled like it should be and either it is just plain disgusting or it was on the bar too long. The "strawberry cobbler" (or I guess that's what it was suppose to be) was one of the most awful things that I have ever tried to eat. I don't even know how you screw up a cobbler but it tasted like it had artificial flavoring added to it or something, IDK.... I definitely won't be going back!

i am one of the owners of dee-jay's. i work very hard and do a good job i take alot of pride in my food and do hope people enjoy coming here. i try to make sure everyone is happy, very hard to do sorry to anyone who has not had a pleasant experience. i do however receive alot of compliments on the food and i do taste everything!

Supper buffet is terrible! Breakfast buffet is good. Food on the supper buffet taste like they are only worried about keeping the buffet filled up instead of serving good food. Food taste like they have no pride in what they are doing. Owners need to taste the food before they serve it and I guarantee they wouldn't eat it!! Take some PRIDE in what you serve and serve better food! This restaurant has potential to be good or even great if someone would take the initiative. I wouldn't recommend this buffet at this point in time. It has only gone downhill over the past 3 - 4 years! Someone needs to wake up and fix it before it is too late! The salad bar is the only good part about it!

food not good.

I say this again, fine grub, good country people working thar who make sure that their customers will come back. Also they are very clean, the restaurant that is..The salad bar is Excellent!!!

Breakfast bar is better than dinner.

Hey, this is the place to eat while in the Wilkesboro's. If you don't get full and completely satisfied then you should've gone to McDonalds got something off the dollar menu, in the first place. Long Live DEE-JAY'S..................

this place is like home the wait staff is great some of the best tasting food i have ever eating no other buff comes close from sea food from flounder to catfish and popcorn shrimp the jumbo its the biggest

Best buffet in town !

I've been to places where the food was good but the service was bad ( most wait staff are only thinking of the tip ) At Dee-Jays the food is good, but the service is the best !

Are you hungry ? Go to Dee-Jays...you'll be glad you did !

Food was awful. We paid our bill and left our tip for the great waitresses. We asked to speak to the owner about the completely unsatisfactory meal and he refused to come out. Never going back and don't suggest it to anyone else.

LOVE IT!!! would deffinatally eat there again and again

This place is the best! Food is great, & the service is wonderful. I'd suggest it to anyone. :)

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