EDITION: Wilkes County
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Wilkes has nothing to offer for a man of wit and adventure.


Posted 3:48 am, 06/03/2020

Well They over looked the Hillbillies. Hillbillies ain't going anywhere. We own this country and we are not about to give it up.

Moscow Mitch

Posted 2:22 am, 06/03/2020

The plan for years has been to run off all the local rednecks and make this place an overpriced retirement community.


Posted 1:57 am, 06/03/2020

Oh, and they cancelled the 4th of July fireworks. Each blame it on each other! Full of wimps! It's not the boredom. It should be the depression that the local government can't stand up to tyranny! I mean it's okay if there are looters. No social distance required! But heavens! Let's destroy the law abiding citizens! That hasn't come to Wilkes yet, but with their track record....we'll see...


Posted 9:10 pm, 06/02/2020

It is a good place to come to die. The boredom alone will kill you.

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