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Why Does The gop Hate Obamacare ?


Posted 8:58 am, 03/24/2023

springy1048pervlock, still begging its masters for another gimmydat sammich.

Lester White

Posted 8:04 am, 03/24/2023

Why would anyone think that more control of our health care by the Federal Government is a good thing?


Posted 7:04 am, 03/24/2023

Millions had to pay the extravagant price that I did even a lot of minority people. The Democratics just don't like working middle class families that are married and stay married.


Posted 1:36 am, 03/24/2023

It is not Obamacare they hate it is the idea that poor people can get free healthcare. The right had rather see poor people die than for them to get something free.


Posted 12:12 am, 03/24/2023

Why do YOU liberal leftist zhitZ support the concept that the general public must purchase a government mandated product?


Posted 11:39 pm, 03/23/2023

All the democrats talking points in one post. How come if we disagree with a black person, we are racists? But if a black conservative speaks, he is an Uncle Tom or racist. What did Joe say, you are black if you don't vote for me? Now to Obamacare. Was everybody in the United States covered by Obamacare and private insurance? Noooo! So now we had to pay extra in insurance premiums and health care because of Obamacare plus pay extra for the ones that had no insurance just like before. Did you get to keep your doctor? Did you check with any doctors or insurance companies before passage? I did and everyone said that prices would go up. Do you remember the requirement if you work over 30 hours, companies were required to give you benefits. So all these companies were not hiring full time and people were working two and three jobs? Once the Obamacare was enacted into law, Obama delayed parts of it until he was out of office. What authority? I thought Obamacare was going to lower drug prices but here we have Joe and the democrats saying they are lowering drug prices. Somebody is lying and it is not republicans. Now under Obama, the rich got richer and the middle class shrunk going to my saying democrats like poor people because they make more of them. Now this country is based on the pursuit of happiness and not guaranteed so if you don't want to go to school or get a job or you want to waste your life, that was up to you but why do you think that people who worked hard and made the right decisions, why should we

have to pay?


Posted 10:31 pm, 03/23/2023

McConnel said himself the repubs had to defeat it because if it passed then the people would demand it, he was correct. The #1 reason fairly rich folks went bankrupt before Obamacare was unplaned health problems and either having no insurance or having insurance become unaffordable. It's still not a good solution and we should have universal health care but Obamacare is an improvement.


Posted 7:23 pm, 03/23/2023

ACA is more like Romney Care than anything else. Democrats made the mistake of trying to negotiate with ****block republicans who had no desire to make meaningful legislation.

Good try.

Corn Pop Was a Bad Dude

Posted 6:56 pm, 03/23/2023

Posted 5:42 pm, 03/23/2023
The GOP hated anything that Mr. Obama did. Why? Because he was smart, black, and the President of the United States.

He was smart enough to fool all you idots into voting for him. Most of us didn't hate him but we did hate his policies that were destroying this country. We have never had a President that got so many policies wrong as much as Obama (until Joe came along)


Posted 6:36 pm, 03/23/2023

Democratics put the family glitch in. Biden administration is trying to do away with it this year not helping me any. Obama could have fixed it , he didn't.


Posted 5:42 pm, 03/23/2023

The GOP hated anything that Mr. Obama did. Why? Because he was smart, black, and the President of the United States.

Obamacare was a good program until Trump and his flunkies made changes to weaken it and make it more expensive. The GOP always claimed that they had something better, but "better" never materialized. Just lots of whining and obstructionism of anything Mr. Obama tried to do.


Posted 5:38 pm, 03/23/2023

You're aware they changed that? Right?


Posted 5:31 pm, 03/23/2023

LamewayWest (view profile)
Posted 4:20 pm, 03/23/2023
Refried beans, it sounds like your employer wasn't offering affordable coverage.

Look up family glitch law. Family insurance doesn't have to be affordable.
The government is against working families especially democrats


Posted 5:23 pm, 03/23/2023

Q adam!


Posted 5:11 pm, 03/23/2023

I know the TRUTH is a hard pill for you Bots to swallow. But you need to get to swallowing.


Posted 5:08 pm, 03/23/2023

That's all Obbumer , Hillary, Podesta and the rest of the gang were doing. They were trafficking children so they could have their Pizza and Hot Dog Parties. You do know what Pizza and Hot Dog are code words for , don't you? Or are you all that clueless too? Find out how many times those words were used in E-mails by any of the above 3. Or find out how many times they have been used by any famous person. They are rich and powerful for a reason. That reason is because they are compromised with pedophilia. That is why they hated Trump so much. Because he wasn't compromised and he put an end to their trafficking. Clueless Bots.


Posted 4:26 pm, 03/23/2023

Whoopeeee. But zero again to some simple questions ? You gop'ers are so predictable. But everybody is interested to know about your healthcare. Care to show some credible evidence the government wants to take over healthcare go for it. Like most I want all I can get at the lowest cost. But thousands and thousands who the healthcare system wouldn't allow her coverage but bet a very large group of people were helped calm down enough and answer my simple Questions


Posted 4:20 pm, 03/23/2023

Refried beans, it sounds like your employer wasn't offering affordable coverage.


Posted 4:18 pm, 03/23/2023

That could not make any less of sense, adam. Lol.

I can somewhat see the pill farm angle, but not at all for "human trafficking."

Corn Pop Was a Bad Dude

Posted 4:17 pm, 03/23/2023

The federal government has no business controlling my or anyone else's health insurance. Also Not allowed in our constitution. All it amounts to is more control by the government which means less freedoms to choose, and more costs.

Hands off my health care!

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