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Weather Delays and Closings


Posted 9:49 am, 12/14/2009

Miss. Forest Rat!


Posted 9:43 am, 12/14/2009

Schools do not serve breakfast on a 2 hour delay or more by the time they get there it will be time to start serving lunch


Posted 9:40 am, 12/14/2009

Just wondering if my kid should eat a bigger breakfast or not. Not complaining about the BOE.

mans world

Posted 9:32 am, 12/14/2009

Just got another phone call. Said for all you idots parents that are *%^$*ing to shut up and be glad the BOE is trying. No matter what they did you would be *itching


Posted 9:24 am, 12/14/2009

Will the kids still have lunch on a 3 hour delay?


Posted 9:20 am, 12/14/2009

my son just got picked up, he might get to school by 11. this stuffis crazy if you ask me.


Posted 9:14 am, 12/14/2009

Do we have to stay in school for an extra hour because of the three hour delay? And is it true that if we are called off of school today, we will have to make up two days next week? I've been hearing all these things and want to know for sure if they are true or not.



Posted 9:00 am, 12/14/2009

On a 2 hour delay buses can't start untill 8:00 so on a three the buses cna't start until 9:00. Do the math, what time will students get to school if their bus route is 3 or more hours?


Posted 8:49 am, 12/14/2009

Wilkes Community College
Wilkes County
2 Hour Delay
Submitted at: 6:06 AM EST on Monday, Dec 14

Wilkes County Schools
Wilkes County
3 Hour Delay
Submitted at: 7:36 AM EST on Monday, Dec 14


Posted 8:42 am, 12/14/2009

Does anyone know what time they will start sending busses out? The temp is still 28 degrees.


Posted 8:39 am, 12/14/2009

Okay I was just wondering. Because last year if we would've been on a 3 hr delay, we wouldn't have gotten out until 4. So I was just wondering if they had changed that or something. Thank you.


Posted 8:36 am, 12/14/2009

They will get out at the same time as usual.


Posted 8:33 am, 12/14/2009

What time would the children get out of school on the 3 hour delay?


Posted 8:16 am, 12/14/2009

If they cancel it then parents will complain about a make up day--everyone remember the Saturday the kids had to make up time on last year? I say its a good decision to make it 3 hours, the kids can go on to school and not have to make up time


Posted 8:08 am, 12/14/2009

Make-up day would be next Monday and we all hate Monday mornings.

I didn't check the answering machine this morning so my children were up and ready before we knew of the delay.


Posted 8:06 am, 12/14/2009

They should probably just cancel it, it is the only thing that will ensure safety to all and our road is complete ice, if it doesn't start melting soon and the temperature doesn't go up then my children will not be in school today.


Posted 8:04 am, 12/14/2009

I think they are just doing their best to get enough of a day in to not have to make it up...I can appreciate that!!


Posted 8:01 am, 12/14/2009

I'm just taking my kids back home. I brought them to work with me this morning. I am glad they are being pro-active with the ice threat, but if it is going to take more than 2 hours I think they should just call it off.


Posted 8:01 am, 12/14/2009

The 11 hour being half a day isn't correct now that we are on the extended day this year. At our school it is 11:45.


Posted 7:47 am, 12/14/2009

We got a 2nd call which also says that it is now a 3 hour delay. Due to conditions beyond their control. It said once the sun came out that the temps would rise quickly and the ice would melt fast.

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