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Average wait time on state tax return!


Posted 10:19 am, 03/20/2010

We filed the 26th of Feb....still no sign. I am anxious to receive it though....falalalala waiting on the state...lol


Posted 11:28 pm, 03/19/2010

Easily put....

The State of North Carolina is writing checks we cannot cash....


Posted 11:14 pm, 03/19/2010

we filed ours e-file with the state employees credit union on a moday and got the federal back that friday, couldnt believe it, then we got the state back exactly a week later from the monday we filed


Posted 10:47 pm, 03/19/2010

Mine was about 3 1/2 weeks


Posted 10:01 pm, 03/19/2010

I don't know about any of the others waiting on their checks, but I know I dont owe the state anything so they need to be sending my check....hehe!


Posted 9:32 am, 03/19/2010

If you owe the state any money at all, don't expect to get yours until they get theirs. I owed a hospital bill at one of the state hospitals from 11 years ago and the state took my state refund to pay it. I was making payments on the bill but because NC is broke they decided to get greedy and take my refund leaving me a balance of $38 still owed to the hospital. I guess they can wait until tax time next year to get the rest.


Posted 9:08 am, 03/19/2010

Wow precious, hope ours comes soon! I have a few more bills to pay, ughhh I hate bills! But then again who don't?


Posted 8:55 pm, 03/18/2010

My Fed was deposited in my bank account 12 days after e-filing. I owe the state, so I'm in no hurry to send out the payment (as long as I remember to have it postmarked by April 15th!)


Posted 8:52 pm, 03/18/2010

I filed mine the 1st of february and got my state check in the mail about 2 weeks ago.


Posted 4:48 pm, 03/18/2010

We filed ours at the end of Janurary and still nothing, but yet my mother in law filed her taxes three weeks after us and has recieved her state and federal. Has anyone actually recieved theirs recently?


Posted 11:22 am, 03/18/2010

Been 7 weeks here...but I'm getting over $1900 so I'm sure it will still be a while.


Posted 11:17 am, 03/18/2010

My son e-filed Feb. 12 and got refund Feb. 22. On his federal return e-filed also Feb. 12 he got refund Feb. 27.


Posted 11:11 am, 03/18/2010

Thanks whitehawk that gives me a date to look towards atleast....lol


Posted 9:34 pm, 03/17/2010

From something I heard on the radio the other day---the state refunds will arrive prior to July 1, 2010, because they don't have the money for refunds and June 30, 2010 is last day they can hold refund money without paying interest.


Posted 9:19 pm, 03/17/2010

I guess i'll just have to except the fact that I'll get my taxes when the state decides they can send it out...


Posted 3:45 pm, 03/16/2010

been 5 weeks today


Posted 3:23 pm, 03/16/2010

Prepare for a long wait and the possibilty of a IOU from the state.


Posted 3:12 pm, 03/16/2010

I actually had to pay out last year and I wish I could get interest tacked onto the return like they do when money is owed to them....I mean I paid taxes all year long....Where's the money...I'm so frustrated....Just needed to vent...


Posted 2:41 pm, 03/16/2010

We filed Feb 2nd and haven't recieved ours yet. We checked it 3 weeks after we filed and it said it had been processed....Today it is still saying the same thing!


Posted 2:08 pm, 03/16/2010

we efiled our sons state one has had his for like 2 weeks the other has not got it yet.

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