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Walmart duped me.


Posted 10:14 pm, 12/05/2011

WalMart has a Christmas Price Match Guarantee through the Holidays. Take your receipt to the customer service desk from the store in which you purchased it from (or another.. your preference) and if an item has had a price adjustment taking it to a lower price point... they give you the difference on a gift card. I work at the Elkin WalMart. I know we don't require you to have the item.. just your receipt. But keep in mind... you only have a small window until the Holidays are over. So, the sooner you take your receipt in.. the better. And just FYI... our Mario Plush Backpacks went down to $5.00 the day after. ;)

Joseph T.

Posted 1:19 pm, 12/05/2011

babyfoot (view profile)
Posted 11:09 pm, 12/04/2011
Every store does the price changing and they have that right... you all know these things. Guess get duped on gas too...huh???
Changing prices is one thing but making up before a sale is against the law or at least it used to be I remember in the late 80 rose's or kmart one got in trouble for this.

wrestling Grandpa

Posted 7:53 am, 12/05/2011

It does look like your were duped but its us the buying public who has to do some research and see where the best prices are....as for made in China good luck trying to find items not produced there....but as we pushed on TV shop the local stores and keep these businesses open....we need local merchants to have a choice....but we all find once in a while we make an error when shopping....Buyer Be Ware....

sassy senior

Posted 7:25 am, 12/05/2011

I agree, where is someone suppose to find american made products?


Posted 7:10 am, 12/05/2011

you know if all you na sayers would just look in ever store you shop there is just as much or more things from china japan or where ever as wal mart.so grow and shut up dang.


Posted 6:28 am, 12/05/2011

We don't shop on black friday. It isn't worth all the imature adults fighting over some piece of junk made in China.I rather liked Smalls title for it :CHINAMART.That was pr etty go Small.


Posted 5:39 am, 12/05/2011

Welcome to walmark's,,lmao


Posted 11:09 pm, 12/04/2011

Every store does the price changing and they have that right... you all know these things. Guess get duped on gas too...huh???


Posted 5:46 pm, 12/04/2011

Your first, and biggest mistake was shopping at Chinamart in the first place


Posted 11:22 pm, 12/03/2011

You think marking up prices is a secret? Do you have a fever?

i am mr bush

Posted 11:20 pm, 12/03/2011

I've said this on here before, but a week before Thanksgiving I watched Walmart mark up a camera from $99 to $149 then when Black Friday came they marked the Camera back down to $99. Tricky


Posted 11:15 pm, 12/03/2011

First of all if it was a "giveaway" you wouldn't have paid for it at all. Do you really think there are no sales after Black Friday? A lot of sales start that day and go on throughout the holiday season, sometimes even going lower if the item is not selling. Black Friday is just the start and yes, a good deal of the sales do not continue, but some do and some even go lower.


Posted 10:55 pm, 12/03/2011

Black Friday I bought a cute mario plush as a gift for 7.97 thinking it was a black friday deal! (like the ad said). I went to walmart today and saw the same plush for 7.oo. Not a huge price difference, but still 0.o Not much of a black friday giveaway.

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