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Buying a house that someone died in?

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 6:47 pm, 08/09/2010

If you read the obituaries, it is amazing the number of people who pass away at home.


Posted 6:37 pm, 08/09/2010

As a REALTOR w/20+ years experience, a REALTOR does not have to disclose if someone died in the home, however, if the prospective buyer asks, the REALTOR must answer truthfully. As far as the value of the home, it would not be affected by the fact that someone died in the home.


Posted 4:08 pm, 08/09/2010

Barring issues such as stains, odors, evil poltergeists or maggots, I personally would not be swayed. Buy the house, everybody dies.


Posted 4:04 pm, 08/09/2010

That's what I said in the orignal post. I said I could live in a house where someone died naturally, just didn't think I could if there had been a violent death there.


Posted 2:50 pm, 08/09/2010

Bingo...Radio Giant exactly....huge difference. In the case of a murder or other crime scene...it is already public knowledge and can effect the actual selling price of the home. Not because the home is actually worth less...but because there are not as many buyers drawn to a home in which a crime has been committed.

Just because someone died in a home, which happens everyday everywhere...has absolutely no bearing on the value of the home.


Posted 2:46 pm, 08/09/2010

There's a difference between a crime, particularly a famous one, having taken place in a house, and someone merely having died there. Most deaths are not the result of murder (or suicide, for that matter).

Yes, if a murder happened in a house, I believe you have the right to have that disclosed...particularly if it was a well-publicized one, because that could affect the home's value.

Otherwise...not so much. As I pointed out earlier, if you go back far enough, someone has died most everywhere!


Posted 2:43 pm, 08/09/2010

So, You wouldn't want to know if your living room ceiling had ever had someones brain matter splattered across it?


Posted 2:39 pm, 08/09/2010

"I believe it should be something that a seller should have to disclose if they are selling. Just my opinion."

last time I checked death was a personal matter between the deceased and family...how many homes across the nation have people died in...asking the question if someone died in the house is infringing on the sellers privacy...just like it would be if they asked you the last time you had sex in your house...would be infringing on your privacy if you were trying to sell your home...


Posted 2:33 pm, 08/09/2010

Uh...there's no such thing as ghosts!

The room I slept in as a child was a room that someone had died in.

Ya' know what? Over the millennia, someone has died most everywhere! It would be very difficult to live where, going back far enough, someone HASN'T died. So what?

(Cue Twilight Zone theme!)


Posted 2:28 pm, 08/09/2010

I believe it should be something that a seller should have to disclose if they are selling. Just my opinion.


Posted 7:18 pm, 08/08/2010

I think that the fact that you question it means don'y buy it. My brother commit suicide in his house and I could live there. It's not the house..it's you fear of the unknown.


Posted 6:17 pm, 08/08/2010

ho ever you get to do the exorcism be sure to pay them what they ask or thay will reposes it


Posted 5:30 pm, 08/08/2010

If you have the home blessed before you move in you will have no problems.


Posted 5:29 pm, 08/08/2010

well it's not really my decision but my dad and his siblings. I just hate letting go. Papa worked hard his entire life to provide for this family and to sale it off just feels to me as if we didn't appriciate his efforts. I know I'm not being realistic but i just can't help how I feel. I just want that house to be left as is. I guess I'm still in denial. I keep expecting to see him out in is garden or riding around on his kubota.

Movin South

Posted 5:24 pm, 08/08/2010

kat, ya gotta weigh the plusse and minuses, ya need gotta get everybody to agree what to do, and then do it


Posted 5:21 pm, 08/08/2010

This is an issue my family is dealing with. Do we keep Papa house in the family or should we sell. I would love to keep it in the family. I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood there. Yet now those memories are over shadowed by the fact that 1st Nana and then Papa died there. I do hope that my aunt or uncle keeps the house.


Posted 3:19 pm, 08/08/2010

no....the house should be an exorcism performed...so it will be cleansed...then have it blessed.

Now the question that remains...is who is actually worthy to exorcise the home and who is worthy to bless the home...


Posted 3:16 pm, 08/08/2010

have the house blessed b4 u move in and u should be fine.


Posted 2:49 pm, 08/08/2010

That is exactly how I feel Daddy P!

Daddy P

Posted 1:20 am, 08/08/2010

This is an ironic thread to me because I know someone who was recently looking at houses and one they looked at had blood stains on the door and wall. We had the discussion of whether someone might have been murdered or killed in the house.

It would bother me to live in one that someone died violently. I know like goddess says that it is not rational to feel that way, but I would. It doesn't bother me to go to the emergency room or place that people have died in, but to actually live all the time in a place would...to be alone or sleep there. Not rational, but just the way I feel.

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