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Tolley Carr....Working in Charlotte..on Fox NewsRising


Posted 6:03 am, 12/31/2009

another one who should be serving a long sentence free to kill again, great judicial system we have.


Posted 3:43 am, 12/31/2009

I think NaturalDisaster has hit on the essential question.

"Would it make a difference if it were your loved one killed?"

The answer to that question should, in my opinion, be THE answer.


Posted 8:54 pm, 12/30/2009

Would it make a difference if it was your loved one he killed?

I dont think he spent enough time behind bars. I dont think he should be working in front of a camara. There may be family members or friends who havent been so quick to forgive. Its not fair to them to have to skip over that channel every day so they dont have to see his face. Some may think thats no big deal, but i bet they think its a big deal every time they turn the tv channel. It could be a big deal to them knowing that he has a job he probably loves instead of having to do something that wouldnt be his first choice at least. Even some fast food restaraunts do criminal record checks and will not hire anyone with that on their record. I understand everyone has to make a living, but he doesnt have to make his by showing his face on camara every day.

He may be a good person, i dont know...what i do know, is on that day, he acted like a bad person. And that cost someone their life. Being a good person cant change that.

I would fee better about it if he had decided to become an EMT or Police Officer..let him put his life on the line to try to save others. Still wont change the past, but at least he would be working to better the lives of other people, not his own.


Posted 7:47 pm, 12/30/2009

I guess Jesus said it best let him or her that has no sin cast the first stone.


Posted 7:32 pm, 12/30/2009

He was judged, he served his time, so now he is trying to survive like the rest of us....on the other hand....there is always another hand....if it had been my loved one I would want him to vanish into thin air....


Posted 11:10 am, 12/30/2009

This is insanity people. There is no justifiable reason to return Tolly to the public airwaves after he "killed" someone while driving drunk. This is all about trauma based mind control and ritual. He is fully indebted to the powers that be and will do their bidding. Wake up.


Posted 8:37 am, 12/30/2009

rh, I claim no moral superiority for having given up my license. And you're right that there would have been liability issues if I had hurt someone. But it was my conscience that led me to do it. I KNOW that I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I drove when I knew I was "impaired" by poor vision, and hurt or killed someone int he process.

I had already had several small accidents...none serious...in a short time. Only one was my fault, but still I saw them as kind of a "warning shot across the bow" of what the future would be like if I didn't do the right thing.

Again, I don't consider myself "morally superior" for having done the right thing (turning in my license). I believe most people would have done the same thing under the circumstances. But for a 31 year old man, suddenly being unable to drive sure changes your view of the world.

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 7:17 am, 12/30/2009

Mulberrycreek Gurl--Have you ever had a family member slautered by a drunk drive..He paid a very small price the way I see it.I also have a rigth to have my own personal views about this POS. Just as you have yours.


Posted 6:29 am, 12/30/2009

Well...as you say..Tolley Carr was only filling in for the Christmas break! So ..he is not there this morning on Charlotte..FoxNewsRising ! So..maybe he can really be a host someday !, since he has payed restitution.

God bless the victums family...


Posted 5:11 am, 12/30/2009

Tolly Carr, a former morning-news anchor at WXII-TV in Winston-Salem, is filling in this week as an anchor on Fox News Rising, a morning show on WCCB-TV, a Fox station in Charlotte.

Carr served just over two years in prison for running over and killing a Winston-Salem man while driving drunk in March 2007. A passenger in Carr's pickup was also injured.

In August 2007, Carr pleaded guilty to felony death by motor vehicle and felony serious injury by a motor vehicle. He is scheduled to start making payments in May to the family of Casey Bokhoven, the man who was killed. Carr and the family settled a wrongful-death lawsuit against Carr last year. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Ken White, WCCB's news director, could not be reached for comment on Carr's status with the station.


Posted 4:44 am, 12/30/2009

by definition, being intoxicated means impaired judgement. defense attorneys have used this for decades to show a court that driving drunk is not always a concious decision. ...i am not sayng i agree...just what has been used in court. so radio...is he a bad, irresonsible, or uncaring individual?
giving up your license when your vision went south doesn't give you any moral superiority...if anything, it iwas just prudent, because any accident you would have would have rendered you liable for any damage to persons or property...so you were smart to cover your a**


Posted 4:16 am, 12/30/2009

Tolly is a "good person"? Really? And you know this how? Have you ever met him?

He's good on-air, I'll grant you that. Very likable. Which has nothing to do with whether, in real-life, he's a "good person".

Part of being a "good person" is behaving responsibly...not disregarding the safety of others for our own convenience. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle when as drunk as he was, has some pretty big obstacles to scale before ever being considered a "good person" again.

When I realized my vision was so bad that I was a danger to others, I went to the driver's license office, and gave-back my license...almost 20 years ago. I knew I couldn't live with myself if I hurt someone...or worse. "Good people" are willing to do what's right, even if the impact on their lives is huge.


Posted 11:50 pm, 12/29/2009

I have a ????, Could someone tell me what channel this is on Dish?

mulberrycreek girl

Posted 9:47 pm, 12/29/2009

I have read this whole thread, stress" YOU NEED GET A LIFE!!! Tolly is good person. Leave him alone because he paid the price for his stupidity on drinking!
WHY does this upset you so bad? 9 out of 10 is on Tolly's side, not you!!


Posted 1:16 pm, 12/29/2009

He has to make a living - you should be proud that he wants to work instead of living off the government like a lot of others do.


Posted 12:38 pm, 12/29/2009

Pixel, in truth I'll probably watch myself out of curiosity. Which I guess proves your point.


Posted 12:33 pm, 12/29/2009

Oh yes RG, there is inherent risk, but the benefits far outweigh them.

How many people from Wilkes do you think have tuned in at least once, even though they would deny it to the end.

I don't watch Charlotte, but I will tune in just to see if his on air presence has changed.

XM Star

Posted 12:29 pm, 12/29/2009

I love it when RG tries to wiggle away from the words he used and continues to use and yet is so passive at his own hypocrisy he always blames someone else when they quote him. Kind of like the time he bashed Glenn Beck and then he got bashed and he threw a tantrum again. It's obvious he hates himself.

He's not sad he's in denial.


Posted 12:29 pm, 12/29/2009

I can see that point of view, Pixel. I think you'll agree there is also risk!


Posted 12:23 pm, 12/29/2009

Controversy is one of the all time big sellers of everything from ideas to merchandise.

As someone who has extensive sales experience, I can see the allure of hiring Tolly.

It is an action which can bring viewers to the station, just to see him in action.

Sometimes you have to look past actions to see motives, especially when it is in a commercial setting.

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