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Posted 9:33 pm, 06/11/2020

my friend is still waiting on her's she called ss does any body know the web site that will give the informtion not the one that says get your payment


Posted 9:39 pm, 06/04/2020

Old Roy finally sent my little tax refund to me.


Posted 9:32 pm, 06/04/2020

my friend still has not got hers she has no ideal how come she not got one .i know a loy of people are still waiting on theres to


Posted 10:42 pm, 06/02/2020

My comments are nothing more than encouragement to do better, especially with your finances.

You must not have truly read my response, as I've stated "we've all" have been in your boat, that includes me too!

Nothing is certain in life for sure, that includes the government and alot of it's empty promise's to assist in todays trying times.


Posted 10:13 pm, 06/02/2020

Really, you don't actually expect a goddess to understand mortal needs?


Posted 9:38 pm, 06/02/2020

Goddess. Why don't you go throw off on somebody else. You act like you have never made a mistake or have never had it rough. Come on .. have some compassion. No no no not living beyond our means! I don't think sickness and unexpected medical bills is living above our means! We were paying our bills getting by. But unexpected bills can happen to anyone. You must not have ever had any problems.


Posted 8:51 pm, 06/02/2020

I'll take up that mantle....LOL!!!

you stated..." But we are trying to make decisions... food? Medicine? What can Ipay what can wait?"

face it, you're living beyond your means!

Continually victimizing yourself due to your self inflicted financial hardships and counting on the government to "stimulate" your bank account, just isn't a good idea for you or any of us.

We've all at sometime in our lives have been in your boat...most folks patched up the leaks and are sailing smoothly.

Once you learn which material to use to patch up your leaks, then you'll be in a much better financial position

I wish that oneday you'll see blue sky's, a steady breeze and all your leaks are patched up!


Posted 8:38 pm, 06/02/2020

I sure hope so, I need a vacation.


Posted 8:37 pm, 06/02/2020

Are they going to. Be another one??


Posted 4:48 pm, 06/02/2020

I saw McDonald's is giving out a $400 bonus to work for them.


Posted 4:44 pm, 06/02/2020

Summerday, you owe no one an explanation. Espechully here :)


Posted 4:41 pm, 06/02/2020

This certain person I have found out don't have a thing good to say to anyone. They said that I was trying or either am living above my means. I beg your pardon...I have been living as honestly all my life. I have never asked for a hand out. I have worked all my life and never asked anyone for anything. And when we bought our home, we both were working, making house pmts paying bills. We never went out and splurged we lived just a common life, till I got sick and had to quit working per doctor orders and a few years later my husband got down with his back and could no longer work, but still we never asked for a thing. We made do. But as time went by we got dr bills that we couldn't pay and just got to struggling, I am now 70 years old and can't work after working all my life and so has my husband so the answer is Yes it's people like us that could really use a stimulus. Check. And all the years we paid in ss it's time we had some help! So if our way of living in your way of thinking is living above our means, so be it!


Posted 9:18 pm, 06/01/2020

Stimulus my A**. You right wing s that preach Capitalism have no problems when the capitalist banks, airlines, oil companies, larges corporations, etc. come to the government (us) to stay afloat in bad times. That is not capitalism, that is Democratic Socialism that the Republicans want you to pay for, but they do not want your money to be called that. Let the companies and corporations that have made billions under capitalism collapse without another dime of government support.


Posted 9:04 pm, 06/01/2020

if the first one ever gets here will spend it on property taxs


Posted 9:00 pm, 06/01/2020

If you're having to decide what to pay and what not to pay, each month, then you're living beyond your means already...or beyond your disability checks....

Like I've said before, reduce your expenditures as much as you can, then you'll be able to see the light of day...don't depend on these "stimulus checks"...cause as history proves, you'll spend beyond the stimulus and you haven't gotten yourself in a better position...don't depend on these checks whether they arrive or not.

These "ides" really aren't a good idea!

sparkling water

Posted 8:21 pm, 06/01/2020

I'm concerned about the ides of March.


Posted 7:11 pm, 06/01/2020

What are everyone 's ides on the next stimulus. If and when Washington decides

There are so many ideas some of which don't make one bit if common sense. From 1200 to 4000. Now they are wanting the unemployed to go to school government cost as I understand it and in 2 years they can get a degree for a good job. My question us this...where in Wilkes has the opportunity of jobs that require degrees? Not saying that there is no jobs here but there are many a hard working person that has worked all their lives have a family never asked for a handout and don't even have a high school education. My dad and mom were that way, but when my brother and I were growing up, we might not have had the name brand clothes or eat out. We had clean clothes on our back food on the table.we survived but anyway what bout the seniors? Are we to be just cast aside during all this? We worked all our lives, paid our taxes and are struggling like others but we have bills too we just don't let people know as much as others. Like someone told me.....you been getting along with your check you are getting it every month, But we are trying to make decisions... food? Medicine? What can Ipay what can wait? But to each his own. Please don't judge someone till you have walked in their shoes. Remember you will be a senior someday.

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