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New Zeland Terrorist


Posted 10:43 am, 03/18/2019

Trump and people that spew his same rhetoric may not be directly to blame but bare responsibility for their actions. When the terrorists use you as some sort of symbol maybe look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

Not sure why anyone would have questioned Obama's blame for the nightclub massacre. He was never anti-"gay" or anti-"Muslim".


Posted 10:36 am, 03/18/2019


Mad Scientist

Posted 10:34 am, 03/18/2019

Mad Scientist

Posted 10:33 am, 03/18/2019


Posted 9:09 am, 03/18/2019

Other U.S. presidents have decried horror abroad as an affront to values shared among liberal democratic allies, but Trump has made no major address to mourn those gunned down last week as they worshiped at mosques in New Zealand. He has not condemned the professed white-supremacist motives of the accused killer.

Instead, Trump has spent the past few days, including the hours before and after the church service, rallying his most loyal supporters around his nationalist agenda against illegal immigration, attacking a familiar list of perceived enemies and adding new ones, all while casting himself as a victim of unfair attacks.

It was a weekend of nonstop grievances from the leader of the free world.


Posted 8:55 am, 03/18/2019

. The New Zealand shooter invoked Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” Trump described the massacre as horrible on Friday but said he does not consider white nationalism to be on the rise, despite the findings of experts, including within his own government.

“I don’t, really,” he said Friday when asked whether white nationalism is a growing threat. “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.”


Posted 11:55 pm, 03/17/2019

Hepsibah (view profile)
Posted 6:18 pm, 03/17/2019
Uneducated whites were the ones who did not vote for President Obama.

Poor things.

So what does that say about a black business owner that is here in the county ? I know several that didn’t vote for him twice. They also voted for trump as well so in curious to know what people would think about them for, gasp being black and voting for Trump.


Posted 7:46 pm, 03/17/2019


Posted 7:41 pm, 03/17/2019

How much do you charge, Marie?


Posted 7:33 pm, 03/17/2019

Look again Scientist, there's a group called North Carolina Pastors Association.


Posted 7:31 pm, 03/17/2019

I think ya get the point swucy.... Maybe not...


Posted 7:24 pm, 03/17/2019

Give us an example, then.

Mad Scientist

Posted 7:23 pm, 03/17/2019

smalltownman (view profile)

Posted 6:40 pm, 03/17/2019

Here's a list of potential terrorist groups in our own state:

No anti-Christian groups made the list. Which says a lot about the list itself and those that compiled it.


Posted 7:21 pm, 03/17/2019

Uh...are you a professional bathroom attendant?

Or do you work for free?


Posted 7:19 pm, 03/17/2019

Educated vs Uneducated. I've worked with many of each group over the years.. Yet the educated without a smidgen, or none at all of "Common sense" couldn't even soil two sheets of toilet paper after a dump.. They would rinse it off their fingers/hands in sink & then dry on pants/slacks....


Posted 6:48 pm, 03/17/2019


Posted 6:42 pm, 03/17/2019

@ cowboysfan
I should have guessed it, a Duke fan; I’ll just look back on this years W-L finish, 2-1

a GOP from tobacco road?? is the world coming to an end?!?!

and 2-1 don't mean squat. the tourney game kept Duke at a 1 seed didn't it?

LOL dimwit, Duke #1 in the EAST
LOL dimwit, UNC #1 in the MIDWEST
you think ROYBOY didn't want the EAST bracket?!?!

total dimwit!!


Posted 6:40 pm, 03/17/2019

Here's a list of potential terrorist groups in our own state:


Posted 6:32 pm, 03/17/2019

The left has really lost it trying to blame trump for a nut all the way on the other side of the world. Unbelievable.

Thank you for becoming a Mark Twain target

your lies got all around the world before the truth had time to put its pants on. you aren't that smart alky!!


Posted 6:30 pm, 03/17/2019

@ sparky
Leftists look down on people of color.

I have never been able to wrap my brain around the most outlandish statements of the GOPhers.
You teabaggers have laid waste to the Grand old party.
I live in hope that one day we can go back to the civil discourse of the Reagan days.
There was legislation passed even though the house was controlled by Tip O'Neil.
You guys keep crying wolf on the liberals and yet you refuse to see your own blindness.

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