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Jason, why are you allowing hate speech toward gays on your site?


Posted 6:57 pm, 05/27/2023

What do you mean by accept?

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 6:56 pm, 05/27/2023

If everyone had the same outlook things would be much better. I like many others don't really care until we are expected to accept things we find objectionable


Posted 6:42 pm, 05/27/2023

ohhi, you've got a good attitude. Peace to you.


Posted 5:00 pm, 05/27/2023

i admit im gay and i dont hate anyone even the ones that put me down for being myself. everyone has a opinon and i accept that others can share theirs just as i can. im just as God made me and he makes no mistakes.


Posted 4:44 pm, 05/27/2023

Walk slowwwly away from google..Google...
Have you looked in AI yet?


Posted 8:08 am, 05/27/2023

Wow Jason that's alot on your plate.


Posted 1:58 am, 05/27/2023

Acumen (view profile)

Posted 5:33 pm, 05/26/2023

Nice defense. I don't monitor my site and he don't know what he is talking about. I sure bought it, I am sure everyone else did also.

If I had my way, the site would be completely free speech with no moderating at all! But it grew to a point where managing the site became a full time job, and I had no choice but to monetize it.

Local business ads aren't paying the bills, though, so I have to rely on Google. Which means that I have to adhere to their regulations. But between 55 sites and moderating both classifieds AND forum posts, it's just impossible to keep up with everything! So I have to rely on filters and reports.

Google supplies me with profane and vulgar terms that I have to filter, but general concepts like "isn't normal" isn't on their list. Yet. They do often hit me with violations on spelling variations, though (eg, using a zero in place of an "o" to get around a filter), which is a real pain!

I'm also regularly hit with violations on threads related to the Ukraine war, climate change, and the COVID vaccines, which is an even bigger pain!

Here are their current regulations:

At the end of the day, until local businesses are willing to advertise more I have little to no choice but to bow to Google's demands.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 10:11 pm, 05/26/2023

Drew is gay?

Return of Kangz

Posted 9:54 pm, 05/26/2023

Is this about gayness again Acumen?

Return of Kangz

Posted 9:53 pm, 05/26/2023

What are you talking about, Acumen?

Nobody knows.


Posted 8:39 pm, 05/26/2023

Who wants to be normal?


Posted 8:37 pm, 05/26/2023

What is normal lol?

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 8:31 pm, 05/26/2023

Just accept it. They aren't normal and never will be.


Posted 8:28 pm, 05/26/2023

"Homosexuals and trans are not normal."

And well into the twentieth century neither were left-handed people so that's a mighty week argument on your part.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 8:15 pm, 05/26/2023

Factual stating and describing a person and their actions isn't bad. It's good

Homosexuals and trans are not normal.


Posted 5:33 pm, 05/26/2023

Nice defense. I don't monitor my site and he don't know what he is talking about. I sure bought it, I am sure everyone else did also.


Posted 4:21 pm, 05/26/2023

I removed a few posts that were trolling, vulgar, and/or off topic.


Posted 11:41 am, 05/26/2023

If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Do you really think God has changed his mind. Nope. Evil is evil and nothing good comes from Evil.. Jesus was sent to save you from EVIL.


Posted 7:29 am, 05/26/2023

Gay? Who cares? Not me. I don't condone it. But it's also none of my business.


Posted 12:51 am, 05/26/2023

Just a reminder:

10. Why are some posts NOT removed that are obviously inappropriate?
We strongly rely on our site visitors to report any thread or post that they think is inappropriate. To do so, just log in to your regular account, then either click on the "flag" icon at the upper right corner of the thread, or follow the "Report Inappropriate Usage" link at the bottom of the thread.

Once something has been reported, one of our moderators will review it as quickly as possible. This is usually within a few hours, but may take as long as 24 hours.

If you have not reported something that's inappropriate, please do not assume that it has been seen!


Nothing has been reported, and I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

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