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Biden has no plan to reduce gas prices


Posted 4:09 pm, 10/23/2021

Rumplickers are mentally deficient 😎


Posted 9:30 am, 10/23/2021

Ace you should know by now the one big thing repub's rely on are peoples short memories.


Posted 8:24 am, 10/23/2021

Hidden Biden is trying to get rid of some socialist programs. To pay for printing more money.


Posted 10:26 pm, 10/22/2021

interesting fact (view profile)

Posted 10:15 pm, 10/22/2021

Never ever in my lifetime has things been this screwed up. And he has done it in 10 months. Just amazing. The biggest disaster in our nation's history.,

I guess you have forgotten about 1936? The Great Depression???? Then there is the 1070's when interest rates were over 15% to buy a home or car. Around 2005 gas was over $4,00 a gal. How old are you, 15???


Posted 10:20 pm, 10/22/2021

"and probably no Christmas due to lack of products"

If gifts are the focus of your Christmas you need to re-focus.

interesting fact

Posted 10:15 pm, 10/22/2021

Yes, they cannot accept that they voted for an . I sure hope they enjoy paying double for gas under him. Probably will be more. Food shortages, and probably no Christmas due to lack of products. Never ever in my lifetime has things been this screwed up. And he has done it in 10 months. Just amazing. The biggest disaster in our nation's history.,


Posted 10:05 pm, 10/22/2021

It is not odd, it was planed. Trump planed the pull out and force Biden to carry it out. Someone is messing with transportation and causing slow down in shipping. It is all a design of the fascists in an attempt to get Trump reelected in 2024. I don't think anyone will fall for it. The talking heads are all proven liars and not very smart. Yes, I mean you.


Posted 10:00 pm, 10/22/2021

It is very interesting watching these Democrats come up with excuses for Blunderman.. According to them, everything that has went to **** in a handbasket is always someone elses fault. Sort of odd that it didn't happen until Democrats got into office.


Posted 8:44 pm, 10/22/2021

In 2020, the United States exported about 8.50 MMb/d of petroleum to about 174 countries


Posted 8:35 pm, 10/22/2021

The government doesn't control gas prices. Its so funny yall are mad the "federal government isnt doing anything about prices," but yall would be whining that the government "has too much control" if the government were able to make gas prices. Whiney right strikes again!

mustang gt

Posted 8:32 pm, 10/22/2021

Again show me respect ill show you respect. Call me names ill call you names

mustang gt

Posted 8:30 pm, 10/22/2021

If you say I'm that guess your a sob


Posted 8:28 pm, 10/22/2021

I see where you're coming from musty, "give me what I want and phug everyone else." I guess I'll just lump you in with the other self centered b......s Fuxxy, afic, poopdoggie, always right and Joe et al.

mustang gt

Posted 8:17 pm, 10/22/2021

Again agree to disagree on topic. You are going think and feel like you do .I'm going think and feel like I do. Other people going feel like they do. Have a good night


Posted 8:15 pm, 10/22/2021

That 50b prevents you piss ant. So just stfu and sit down,


Posted 8:09 pm, 10/22/2021

Looks like the consensus is screw the environment, Native Americans and the wild life and sentence or grand children to a life of choking on smog. "To hull with everything and everybody else I want to enjoy my immediate gratification and pleasures."

mustang gt

Posted 8:00 pm, 10/22/2021

See what I was saying, mess with the car and truck and bike hobby, messing with a very big passion for a really lot of people worldwide. Like you said about getting to point A to point B is what you think about of a car. Now take a hobby or like you own or very passionate about and see it from that side,saying you have give up your stuff or hobby . you are passionate enough about it or your stuff you will not agree or give it up so fast or easy. All I'm saying. Just don't see them getting rid all the gas.

Joseph T.

Posted 8:00 pm, 10/22/2021

That is just a round about cost for the panels only and doesn't include anything else needed.


Posted 7:52 pm, 10/22/2021

Joseph, I am interesting in something you said. Did you say you can get a 12KW solar system for about $4,800?


Posted 7:50 pm, 10/22/2021

mustang gt (view profile)

Posted 7:45 pm, 10/22/2021

Not getting what I'm trying to say, the old model classics ,and stuff. The old model years that are gas powered . thethe people that like or own a certain year car or truck likes that year model. They don't want to buy new car want that year car or truck . unless you're into that kind of stuff or been around it you don't understand the love they have for there cars, trucks, bikes or hobbies. If you did you understand what I'm saying,

You are right. To me a car is just something to get from point A to point B and to pick up hott babes. LOL I collect swords.

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