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Week Two Scores


Posted 6:26 pm, 09/14/2018

Bishop and Forbush are terrible...North is a solid team in the conference..and a threat to beat anyone in the conference on any given night...from what i saw personally...that is if they play like they did against Forbush.


Posted 12:53 pm, 09/14/2018

How about Bishop and Forbush Likitis, are they considered bad also ?


Posted 12:43 pm, 08/27/2018

South Stokes is A very Bad team.. North could be in for a Bad year....


Posted 10:10 am, 08/27/2018

I guess WC has a lot of athletic talent, but is not very game intelligent overall. From the coaches to the players. Is that what I am hearing? Were the two coaching losses that huge?


Posted 6:03 pm, 08/26/2018

WC is struggling hard. But they shouldn’t be struggling this much with as much talent and starters they had returning.


Posted 4:32 pm, 08/26/2018

Wilkes central is struggling but when they start conference play They will be ready ,,,By the way NO team in the conference could have beat Alexander


Posted 4:29 pm, 08/26/2018

Got to make a comment on the North Wilkes VS South Stokes game ,,,,,never seen a game like that before ,North could'nt do anything right in the first half and South could'nt do anything wrong ,,,North was down by three or four scores going into the half and hanging their heads ,,,,,Then about half way through the 3rd period the game was delayed very often with South Stokes players being injured this happened all the way through the rest of the game ,,,,there were some hits that the North players were putting on the South Stoke players that were some of the hardest hits I have seen in High School ball ,,,,What a game ,What a comeback ,,,South imploded in the last 5 minutes of the game .North could have scored before the game ended but decided to take a knee ,they were inside the 10 with 4 downs and tons of momentum ,,,,My hats off to the North players and Coaches nobody gave you an inkling of a chance to win that game especially by the middle of the 2 nd period ,,,again my hats off to you ,,,good job


Posted 5:11 am, 08/26/2018

Alexander Central is just that good. WC had no shot in that game. North Iredell..not sure what happened. It was their 1st win in over 2 yrs.


Posted 11:13 am, 08/25/2018

What’s up with WC? Very surprising start.


Posted 12:56 am, 08/25/2018

Scores from maxpreps

North Wilkes came back to beat South Stokes 40-39 with less than 6 minutes left of game.
Grayson County- 28 Alleghany- 7
East Wilkes- 36 Surry Central-6
Elkin- 21 North Surry- 17
East Surry- 35 Starmount- 12
Ashe @ Watauga TBA
Alexander Central- 50 Wilkes Central- 7
West was OPEN

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