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wronghole willey

Posted 12:46 am, 11/17/2018

likitis……...Did you love love love watching your Cardinals getting that arse spanked again? Maybe they listened to you and prepared to play Alleghany again instead of Polk? They were a disappointment this year. On the other Alleghany has overachieved with 3rd place in con. 2nd best defense in con., and a state playoff victory. All of this from a team that was almost unanimously picked to finish last on here. If any other coach gets C.O.Y. it would be a shame...……………………………….


Posted 10:43 am, 11/16/2018

East ADMs changed just last week , So no way you could have known Roadking... LOL.. LOVE LOVE to see that game played again ..


Posted 7:53 am, 11/13/2018

Like I said....Alleghany wont be able to play East again because East is Big 1AA and Alleghany is little 1A.....2 different classifications. Too bad..... Alleghany got shafted on the seeding as well......they won more games in their 1A part of the MVC [2-1] while Elkin was only 1-2.....plus they beat Elkin head to head 40-0 and yet Elkin gets the higher seed......go figure?? But if there was somehow, someway that Alleghany could play east again......I believe they would beat them even worse than first meeting this year.


Posted 9:51 am, 10/22/2018

Don’t look at just last night. Look at last year. Up until Ashe EW was a juggernaut on both sides. Then Ashe exposed the secondary for what it was. Then the Elkin collapse. WC took advantage of the secondary and so did East Surry. The year before that WC exposed it. I am not saying I know how to fix it. I am just saying the problem is still there. I am not trying to make this personal for or against anyone. Just offering some feedback. On the offensive side both the JV and the Varsity have shown great improvement, but always want to see more. We I see kids not practicing or learning (watching game film, going over special teams, anything) on Fridays, one hour would do wonders, it lets me know we are preparing these kids fully for next week or next year.


Posted 9:33 am, 10/22/2018

Ashe Qb has thrown for 2300 yards and the Rb ran for 1200 plus !! I'm thinking they weren't all from Friday night,,??? Maybe all the teams Ashe faced this year need to go to the DiMundbak clinic on how to stop air raid Offences . Because apparently They and the East coaches show up on Thursday and Friday and just Wing it!!! SMH!!!


Posted 8:45 am, 10/22/2018

IDK? The teams we face now all are good coached teams. They adjust and scheme for each opponent week to week. Alleghany did this, they are a well coached team. They took what EW gave them. Pulled them to sleep and burned them with the option. Ashe? How EW defensive coordinators have not went somewhere and learned the in’s and out’s of pass defense schemes, blitz packages, anything different from what they have been doing, is just amazing. Elkin we can beat, WC we can, have to play lights out. In both games the secondary is going to have to be shored up. And please start developing all of the JV before it is to late, probably already is.


Posted 8:00 am, 10/22/2018

6-3 .. ?? Isn't that that correct .. With the Exception of Alleghany .. which they would beat 4 out of 5.. times 2 really good teams beat them .. .. and what players would you like them to play on defense?? From the best D player from last yeast year not playing this year, to another great one out with knee injury ?? EW is meeting to exceeding expectation's this year IMO, totally New Offence, Defense OC DC..


Posted 7:00 am, 10/22/2018

Ditto..Ditto diemundbak..You can just watch the same positions just blitz themselves completely out of the play, rendering them useless. It rarely resorts in a sack, while most of the time, the play goes right past them. It's kind of crazy to watch in real time. Defense is bad for the Cardinals. They will be lucky to win another game this year, if something doesn't change. What i also see, that some of the players give maximum effort when they have the ball in their hands on offense, and the same players play like zombies with little to no efforts on defense.


Posted 6:44 am, 10/22/2018

Same defensive schemes for the last three years, with just a little different look to them. Kids are not taught how to properly cover, blitz schemes are predictable. Then not play your best players when you need to. Leaves me with a lot of questions. Does EW really care about winning right now? Varsity or JV?


Posted 6:12 pm, 10/21/2018

Likitis..EW has probably given up 900 yds rushing in the last 3 games....that my friend is bad defense. Yeah..the offense was super lackluster against Alleghany...but the defense has been equally lackluster as well. Idk...maybe players take plays off and thats why they are on the sidelines instead of in the game.


Posted 10:18 am, 10/21/2018

My Bubble is perfectly in tact thanks roadking more than likely both 1a this year... top Flight ? not a lights out D by no means , but with the exception of Alleghany which stagnant offence was the reason for that loss .. What 1a defense has took it to those teams ??? #Apples2apples


Posted 6:50 pm, 10/20/2018

Maybe there is some odd reason while Ross doesnt play defense..but it sure doesnt make much sense to have one of your teams best athletes, that has been starting varsity on for 2 or 3 yrs..just watchin from the sidelines. I dont get it at all. Maybe politics. Who knows.


Posted 5:04 pm, 10/20/2018

EW defense is awful..I wouldnt subscribe wins for them until that defense gets an identity. It gives up just too many yards of all kinds..rushing and passing. It's very bad, honestly.


Posted 5:02 pm, 10/20/2018

Maybe not EW very low adm as opposed to most years...could be small 1a this year.


Posted 5:00 pm, 10/20/2018

East will not be able to play Trojans again in playoffs because East is 1AA and AHS is 1A.....2 different classifications.....sorry to burst your bubble.


Posted 11:42 am, 10/20/2018

Love to see a rematch of East Alleghany in the playoffs... East By 20 !!!


Posted 8:29 pm, 10/17/2018

Lol. I will no longer respond to anything Colonel Mustard says. A wise man said don't argue with foolishs people.. cause from a distance you can't tell who is who.


Posted 8:14 pm, 10/17/2018

Its so nice to see Colonel Mustard so interested in Wilkes. He loves the attention that he gets on here. He probably never touched the field or court in any sport and if he did..he was such a loser. We get it. We suck. You are intrigued by us...and ya dumba** has nothing else to do...next


Posted 9:52 am, 10/17/2018

Friday night lights should get interesting this week when East host Ashe. Can Ashe hold on to that # 1 position? I'm always out for a good game. My bet is on Ashe, but with it being at East, that can be a whole different story. East seems to always pull out wins at home.

Colonel Mustard

Posted 10:28 pm, 10/16/2018

You wilkesonians get so touchy when you are challenged.. congrats to all of you..every state needs bottom feeders..

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