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Pressure cooker


Posted 7:03 pm, 01/23/2015

try not to blow yourself up.


Posted 6:02 pm, 01/23/2015

Ok, I'll admit it too...wanted to hurry up and cook some blackeyed peas...needless to say ate ramen noodles that night instead

Joseph T.

Posted 5:52 pm, 01/23/2015

Candystripe (view profile)

Posted 2:32 pm, 01/23/2015

Learn how to use it - otherwise beans could be your new paint on the ceiling!

Honestly they are great!!!!!!
I have actually seen that happen and the lid went through the sheetrock into the attic


Posted 4:54 pm, 01/23/2015



Posted 4:24 pm, 01/23/2015

I bought an electric one and love it. I have always been afraid of the stove top ones but I use the electric one with ease and without worry about it blowing up on me.


Posted 4:15 pm, 01/23/2015

I have a pressure cooker that I ordered off of an infomercial. This thing is great! We use it about 2 times weekly. I LOVE MINE!!!


Posted 3:43 pm, 01/23/2015

Yes i have a standard pressure cooker,, we use it every year for canning. I was looking for something that we could cook meals in ,, i have a crock pot also ,, but i was seeing what people thought about this cooker. It sounds like it would be easy to use weekly . Thanks everyone.


Posted 2:53 pm, 01/23/2015

Go to Church's hardware and get you a good one. You will love it. Blackeye peas 20 cook time. Stew beef 15 minutes. Green beans from raw 3 minutes. I have 3 pressure cookers and use them all.

Clean it up

Posted 2:49 pm, 01/23/2015

Love it, it cooks a mean beef stew in a short amount of time. The only complaint i have is it comes with very little instructions. The new ones may be different.


Posted 2:48 pm, 01/23/2015

Have you ever used a standard stove top pressure cooker? You may purchase a 6-8 quart standard stove top unite for less than $40. The free standing electric unit looks nice, the pre-programmed buttons may make the use easier.


Posted 2:33 pm, 01/23/2015

I read all of the pro & con's about the cooker and about half loved it and about half took it back.


Posted 2:32 pm, 01/23/2015

Learn how to use it - otherwise beans could be your new paint on the ceiling!

Honestly they are great!!!!!!


Posted 2:05 pm, 01/23/2015

Has anyone used one of these?? I been thinking about getting one. If so how good are they.

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