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White hawk

Posted 6:26 pm, 10/21/2015

Easier to peel if small to medium size. If still too hard then scrub and parental for 5 or. so minutes. Don't cook them all to pieces. Better sliced and cooked with a few flakes of red pepper, little sugar, salt, and pepper. Fat back or bacon grease are good but too much cholesterol for. my circulatory system and heart.

White hawk

Posted 6:15 pm, 10/21/2015

Frozen, diced turnips always available. Buy Pict-sweet for the best ones. Everything branded is delicious, particularly sweet peas, kale, collards, broccoli Brussels sprouts, stir fry, mixed vegetables, asparagus, cauliflower, shopper corn, field peas, etc . BUT, unless you are a glutton for punishment, stay away from anything with examine in it. Most are steerable in the pouch and the bags don't leak as the Birdseye brand stuff does.


Posted 6:16 pm, 10/11/2015

It's worth a try, sounds pretty good.


Posted 6:12 pm, 10/11/2015

Pickled turnips are good if you have some pickled eggs to go with them.


Posted 6:10 pm, 10/11/2015

I like my turnips cooked with a few greens, yum, I used to hate turnips .


Posted 6:06 pm, 10/11/2015

I doubt there will ever be mulch demand for instant turnips.


Posted 5:59 pm, 10/11/2015

My Turnips were a flop and now I am hungry again. Guess I will just have a milk shake.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 5:56 pm, 10/11/2015

Turnips need to be cooked down until they are about the consistency of mashed taters! We fry out fatback,which we season with along with the salt, suger and pepper. Use lots of pepper! Along with corn bread,fat back, crowder peas and sweet milk, it makes a mighty fine meal.


Posted 5:35 pm, 10/11/2015

Turnips smell like I am cooking a poot


Posted 5:33 pm, 10/11/2015

Backwater is correct- Granny would use fatback grease, sugar, salt, pepper and some butter. Fatback grease was used for a lot of things. I remember coming home from school and getting the 2-3 pieces of fatback for a salty treat. Cornbread I think was seasoned with it. I still don't like cooked turnips no matter what.


Posted 4:52 pm, 10/11/2015

All I had was butter to season them with.


Posted 4:51 pm, 10/11/2015

A cold raw turnip cut into cubes. Raddishes are also best that way.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 4:51 pm, 10/11/2015

You can use bacon grease, too, Quack.


Posted 4:47 pm, 10/11/2015

yes Quack, you can purchase frozen or canned.


Posted 4:46 pm, 10/11/2015

Also put some fatback grease in them. I like them cooked like taters with the sugar and fatback grease for seasoning.


Posted 4:45 pm, 10/11/2015

Never. I am done with cooking Turnips. Can one buy can or frozen turnips? I wonder.


Posted 4:43 pm, 10/11/2015

You're welcome Quack, you must try them again sometime


Posted 4:42 pm, 10/11/2015

Adding a little sugar to the turnips would give them a taste of sweetness.


Posted 4:42 pm, 10/11/2015

You can leave the skin on if you bake them but peel and quarter them before boiling.water


Posted 4:41 pm, 10/11/2015

First they were hard to peel and slice. Hard like a rock and my knife was not too sharp.

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