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Cooking beef tongue


Posted 9:06 am, 09/11/2015

I'm researching recipes. Plan to cook one in a week or two. Wonder if you can get buffalo tongue anywhere?

to be or not to be

Posted 9:00 am, 09/11/2015

tongue also makes a great sandwich with a mustard


Posted 6:20 pm, 09/10/2015

Beef tongue is delicious and as Satan said, it tastes like some of the best beef roast you'll ever have. When I cook it, I give it about a four hour simmer with onions garlic and some bay leaves. Take it out, peel, slice it and give it a quick fry in some oil. Serve on warm corn tortillas with some chopped onion cilantro and lime juice.

One of the reasons it was so valued in the old days was because of its high fat content. Gonna provide more calories when meat may be scarce.


Posted 6:11 pm, 09/10/2015

Cow meat is beef, pig meat is pork, deer meat is venison, buffalo meat is bison?


Posted 6:02 pm, 09/10/2015

tacos de lengua


Posted 4:47 pm, 09/10/2015

Guy F(Diners,Drive inns and Dives) or Alton Brown(Good Eats)
described beef tongue as the best pot roast you will ever have


Posted 4:32 pm, 09/10/2015

I removed a few posts for trolling.


Posted 11:12 am, 09/10/2015

I've been noticing these in the grocery store. They are not cheap, starting at around $20. I read once that buffalo tongue and hump where the most desirable parts of the animal to hunters, back in the old days. And I must try it. Does anyone have any cooking tips or comments?

How to make beef tongue

Weird eats made by a white girl has its own page! http://www.youtube.com/user/MrsWhiteWeirdEats

Length: 8:26

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