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Cheap ingredients V/S Highest priced ingredients


Posted 8:17 am, 02/14/2015

I prefer to use quality ingredients. Some things just can't be substituted - like peanut butter. I can't stand any thing other than JIF. Spices - I prefer fresh when possible. Some things like corn are ok - but I prefer frozen vegetables - can't stand can peas. And honey mustard is one item which can't be something easily exchanged for any brand. Yuck!!


Posted 8:03 am, 02/14/2015

There is a lot of difference in spices, Most generics are not held to the same standards. If it is at Walmart, no you would probably not notice much difference. One of the best examples I know of is the barbecue chicken sauces in this area. People use to use good quality spices but have now gone to bulk materials and the flavor has changed a lot. Peppers, salts, any grinding stuff dries out after being ground. Fresher is better.


Posted 7:33 am, 02/14/2015

Anyone that puts any type of condiment on a good steak can't know what they're talking about. A good cut of beef should never need anything to improve/change the flavor

As for brand name vs. private label; many of the processed food manufacturers package and label private brands along with their name brand competitor. The one exception that comes to mind is Kroger; they own several dairies, bakeries and canning facilities that produce only the Kroger label.

The Overcomer

Posted 9:47 pm, 02/13/2015

Because fancy labels taste like paper and glue.


Posted 9:34 pm, 02/13/2015

I'm a connoisseur of fine food not fancy labels.


Posted 9:32 pm, 02/13/2015

The Overcomer (view profile)

Posted 9:01 pm, 02/13/2015

Blind taste test everything in the pantry. Get Shea to assist in this poisoning experiment. For science.


Posted 9:31 pm, 02/13/2015

Crypt has to many Moped miles on him to know what anything taste like!


Posted 9:21 pm, 02/13/2015

I seen them at Walmart.


Posted 9:12 pm, 02/13/2015

A can of green beans?


Posted 9:07 pm, 02/13/2015

I agree with finleypark about the copycats no tasting as good as A1, however that's due to incorrect ingredients or even if they use the same ingredients they get the proportions wrong. I still say a can of 3.2 cents/oz green beans tastes the same as the 13.2 cents/oz can.

The Overcomer

Posted 9:05 pm, 02/13/2015

Blind taste test:

Dr. Pepper vs. Dr Thunder


Posted 9:04 pm, 02/13/2015

Depends on the recipe.

The Overcomer

Posted 9:01 pm, 02/13/2015

Blind taste test everything in the pantry. Get Shea to assist in this poisoning experiment. For science.


Posted 8:52 pm, 02/13/2015

Try some substitute for A-1 steak sauce and you will taste the difference.


Posted 8:21 pm, 02/13/2015


Posted 8:16 pm, 02/13/2015

Depends on what the food is. For example, any time I fix name brand stuffing, even while following the directions exactly, it turns out either too dry or too wet. With some off brands, it comes out perfect and absolutely delicious!


Posted 7:35 pm, 02/13/2015

I can taste the difference in food.


Posted 7:35 pm, 02/13/2015

Greenbeans need a little fatback.


Posted 7:34 pm, 02/13/2015

I think that it would depend on the food .


Posted 7:33 pm, 02/13/2015

No it's the same green beans from the same field in the same can. The only diffence is the label.

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