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Tiny houses


Posted 9:04 pm, 03/08/2020

Wilkes is real funny about tiny homes. As long as its self sufficient and off grid your good. If you try and get power then you need a permit.


Posted 10:27 am, 08/17/2019

your better off to go where they sell outbuildings. can get with porch on front with sheetrock walls and already wired for electricity cheaper by far than tiny houses. sell those in Jonesville for like 80000 bucks. can get the building for a third of that

White America

Posted 12:03 am, 02/06/2017

I don't see any issues with codes say X sq feet is to small to be a house.
There are some rules about not permitting permanent structures near water ways flood areas ect


Posted 7:34 pm, 01/17/2017

I heard you couldn't build a permanent tiny house in Wilkes because of building codes. Does anyone know more about this?


Posted 12:23 am, 06/07/2016


Posted 6:13 pm, 05/25/2016

I heard you couldn't build a permanent tiny house in Wilkes because of building codes. Does anyone know more about this?


Posted 5:45 pm, 02/02/2016

Wilkes Community College Building Construction Technology program is building Tiny Houses. 838-6100 ask to speak to Eric Hurley, Instructor.

on the hill

Posted 9:11 pm, 10/08/2015

I agree w/you antithesis, all we're doing is heating & cooling space we don't even need or use. Mainly we use only 3 rooms of our house. I could live in one if I had a sleep area where I couldn't hear anything & dark.


Posted 5:59 pm, 09/15/2015

It's interesting to compare ourselves to other countries.

In Hong Kong, the average residential floor space is only 161 square feet per person! In China, 215 square feet. In the US, it's 832 square feet.


The only country with more room per person than us is Australia.

It does sort of make you think, why do we spend all that money on a 2,000 square foot house? What do we really get out of it in the long run?


Posted 5:30 pm, 09/15/2015

We used an outhouse, had spring "gravity" water & cooked on a wood stove when I was growing up. Our house was 4 small rooms for 5 people. Now that's fashionable??


Posted 1:59 pm, 09/15/2015

I have a personal space thing. I just...I mean...no. I need room to move.


Posted 1:44 pm, 09/15/2015

CitizenM hotels have the toilet in the shower pod and you have to walk through the shower to get to the bed.


Posted 8:51 am, 09/15/2015

I stayed at a hotel once where you couldn't close the bathroom door if you were on the toilet, it's not the life for me.


Posted 8:29 am, 09/15/2015

"While I am pooping"


Posted 8:28 am, 09/15/2015

I want one. I can make a sandwich while I am ****ing. Come stay the night with me after I eat messican food.


Posted 7:14 am, 09/15/2015

chendo (view profile)

960 isn't a tiny house. .those hipsters wth a square footage of 350 are just being ridiculous

350 sq. ft. is pretty average for low income apartments in NYC. What's even crazier is that a lot of people share a space that size with a roommate. And even though I used the words 'low income' that 350 sq. ft. would probably cost around $1200 a month to rent.


Posted 7:01 am, 09/15/2015

...with about 800 of it heated....I stand corrected....Willard says....he has a whopping 640sq ft heated......160 is storrage......


Posted 9:51 pm, 09/14/2015

The idea behind most tiny houses is that they are on a trailer frame so they don't need a permit to place it on property. I like this idea but without the castle theme


Posted 9:49 pm, 09/14/2015

Tiny homes are typically built on trailers so that they can be moved. They are basically better built RVs.


Posted 9:38 pm, 09/14/2015

An old junked cadillac would be cozy.

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