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Posted 7:18 pm, 09/13/2019

Seems like Tyson employees walking out!


Posted 9:09 am, 09/11/2019

Tyson is going on One month working employees 7 days a week! No days off! Trying to impose employment over the right to worship on Sunday mornings and to keep the Sabbath holy! Many employees are older worked there for decades and are unable to work 7 days a week! When Tyson purchased Holly Farms and I was there, we were told the name would remain the same, they cared about the people of Wilkes. Now they have fired most of the top people, some deserved it many didnt! One reason was high turnover! Tyson has no regard for employees working them like a sweat shop, third world country!! WHY DON'T THEY HIRE A WEEKEND SHIFT FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY! HIGHER WAGES, BETTER BENEFITS.... Wilkes County residents need to call Tyson Factory with grievances and backing our people in Wilkes local offices and corporate offices. I was there when the union tried to form and was 100% for it!

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