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Posted 5:33 pm, 07/12/2016

Thanks for the info.


Posted 9:45 am, 09/02/2015

I boycott Amazon... but thanks anyway.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:33 am, 09/02/2015

We're excited to announce a new feature on the Amazon Video app that allows you to truly take video with you. Starting today, you can download Prime Movies & TV Shows straight to your phone or tablet for offline viewing. Whether you're on a road trip with your family or ready to take off for a long flight, downloading movies or TV shows will surely help make the trip more entertaining for you and the kids. Or, you can binge your favorite TV shows while you're on your bus or train ride to work. Amazon Video is the only subscription video service that allows you to download movies and TV shows, and we hope you take advantage of this brand new Amazon Prime benefit.

nice benefit. now you can download and watch when you want to instead of having to stream it. if you have a home network, i assume you could share with others.

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