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New Super Star around Wilkes


Posted 1:05 pm, 10/14/2012

Truth, we've gotta make some driveby's...you know gotta get some personal items from the accused..for the spells to really work....I'll let you map out our route....

tobe, my dear....you will be given credit for your expertise...you will however have to attend a few spell casting classes before I order your online degree!!!!

hope75...oh my hope! I just don't know what to do with you....

to be or not to be

Posted 12:44 pm, 10/14/2012

hey goddess i have numerous strap-ons and can fly them all quite well. does that count I can get references if needed.


Posted 12:41 pm, 10/14/2012

Goddess, couldn't you end all of this political hog wash with a spell or two? Haha My cat has supplied a couple of mice this morning if you need them for ingredients!


Posted 12:38 pm, 10/14/2012

Ewww! A borrowed strap-on, yuch!


Posted 12:31 pm, 10/14/2012

Goddess, I'm hurt! Look at you, advertising to take on new apprentices, when I haven't even earned MY strap-on yet! You must have given up on teaching me...???


Posted 11:50 am, 10/14/2012

She does not need any harness or saddle she rides comando and has a heck of a grip on that broom.


Posted 11:15 am, 10/14/2012


Honey Cup

Posted 11:14 am, 10/14/2012

WOW!! Waiting to see who does a come-back to your post 1goddess. Seems there are a few who would take your comment and run with it. And for some reason, I hope they fall the wrong way on it or with it, if you know what I mean


Posted 11:14 am, 10/14/2012

Oh!!!! what fun what fun!!!!


Posted 11:13 am, 10/14/2012

Would it be inappropriate to get a quidditch game together?


Posted 11:09 am, 10/14/2012

You are very welcome....however, I do feel that this can be a serious matter indeed...

"strap- on's" ...must be earned, not given nor stolen...and especially not borrowed!!!


Posted 11:07 am, 10/14/2012

I thought it was the Witch from Delaware.

Honey Cup

Posted 11:06 am, 10/14/2012

Now that is funny 1goddess!!! I needed a good laugh so thanks!


Posted 11:04 am, 10/14/2012

Truth...I'm sorry to say...that "strap-on's" are not allowed....not while in the apprentice stage !!!!!

Honey Cup

Posted 11:02 am, 10/14/2012

Somehow I knew that


Posted 11:01 am, 10/14/2012

I'll have to have a harness installed on the broom, I have been nicknamed " grace" by my husband, and not in a kind way! Hahaha


Posted 10:59 am, 10/14/2012

Requirements...not many!

No one is ever fired....but if you fall off your broom 3 times...there maybe penalty payments.


Posted 10:58 am, 10/14/2012

As long as you don't yell out " you're fired! " , I'll be your apprentice. Lol

Honey Cup

Posted 10:57 am, 10/14/2012

I think 1goddess RULES!!! Do you have many requirements?


Posted 10:55 am, 10/14/2012

Well of course, but you must first qualify...and apprenticeship is a must!

I will be taking new applications Oct. 31st!!!!

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