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Percent Chance of Winning???
Folks that's all the s#!t of the bull. Elections are not random events subject to the laws of chance. One candidate will absolutely win b...

Tards on suicide watch after Trumps debate loss
http://www.newyorker.com/ne...nald trump Maybe the Tards should have nominated Cruz? ROTFLMAO

Rump has 17% chance of winning
http://fivethirtyeight.com/... on trump/ How many Trumpanzees wil commit suicide when he concedes defeat to Hillary ? : D: D: D: D

You will NEVER be safe...
UK Sun: A woman has claimed she was sexually assaulted in virtual reality by a pervert who molested her whilst she was innocently blastin...

That's a **** LIE !!!
Statnews.com A study of what goes on in the brain when someone tells a lie could offer a biological explanation for why untruths often &q...

What today's Democrats believe and support, lest we forget
DESCRIPTION Today's Democrat (Liberals What they believe and support): 1) Americans are not paying enough taxes. 2) The Federal gover...

Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one man show

Trump has 87% chance of winning, how many gowilkes tards will commit suicide?
http://www.infowars.com/pro...f winning

I hope this is true and I hope its one of our guys...
Daily Star ISIS warlords have been living in fear of the brave sharpshooter as he waged a one man war on jihadis in the under siege city ...

Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

BBQ Chicken
How many on here got some BBQ chicken at the park yesterday in North Wilkesboro and did you like it well I didn't all I got was a Leg and...

Let's Play a Game - Word Association
Here's the game: I say a word, and someone else says the first word that comes to his/her head, then someone else says the first word tha...

Amazing Baby, Amazing Mom, Amazing Docs
BBC A baby girl from Lewisville, Texas, has been "born" twice after she was taken out of her mother's womb for 20 minutes for l...

New TV Shows
Anything new you just can't miss? I'm catching up on Designated Survivor, but I'm not 100% committed yet. We love comedies but it seems t...

what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

Tim Kaine
Bold, vibrant, inspirational, charismatic.

Haunted hayrides
Is the Little Brushys doing their haunted hayride this year? And how much?

California soldiers who were given a $15.000 reenlistment bonus a decade ago are now being demanded to repay the bonus. The Pentagon has ...

Democrats already cheating in voting machines
http://www.thegatewaypundit...10/346268/ Voters see their votes change from republican to Clinton and Kaine right before their eyes.

Lets say for argument climate change don't exist.
How would it hurt to clean up the world? How would it hurt to have clean, renewable energy? We can do this for less then we pay for energ...


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