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TedNugent and Ferguson Thugs..
This poor lost soul is saying anything to keep his name in the media like his sister Sarah Palin....woe is the supporters of these two wh...

Snow Chances Increasing for Wednesday
The NWS in Blacksburg, VA has issued a hazardous weather outlook which includes Wilkes County. LOW PRESSURE WILL TRACK ALONG THE EAST COA...

Obama throws Hillary under the bus
What are the Dems going to do now? Their only candidate for the next presidential election doesn't have the support of their Messiah. Thi...

Do you dinner for Breakfast?
Ok so I have this weird thing about foods that I eat that I can't handle many breakfast foods from acid reflex and that I have a poor app...

hagel canned; military coup looming?
Secretary of defense. See who Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice nominate? How long before the remaining joint chiefs speak up to save the co...

M Bachmann got Slamed
At a recent Republican Meeting .... the Head of GOP stated they would not get in the mire of Immigration that President Obama signed by E...

2 veterans perform citizen arrests on county board
Too bad we can't do this in NC. http://controversialtimes.c...z3Jpn2liXk

How much is the victim to blame?
With all the stories about Cosby coming out, there is a commonality in most of them that stood out to me. Most of the victims say Cosby g...

Why can't we have a Topic titled OFF TOPIC? Where we could post nonsensical statements as long as...

Gumballs ~ Picked Eggs ~ Grapes

Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

Let's Play a Game - Word Association
Here's the game: I say a word, and someone else says the first word that comes to his/her head, then someone else says the first word tha...

What The Heck Happened To Yawls Belks Store??
I had to run in there last night, in a last minute rush, to buy my son a shirt and there was no selection what-so-ever! I mean really? Wh...

The following diet is designed to help you cope with the stress, paranoia, depression and delusion that builds during the holidays... If ...

Telephone number
Could someone give me a link on how to look up someones name for a number calling you and hanging up?It was posted awhile back and I woul...

Cosby being lynched because he is black
Bill Cosby is being lynched by the media because he is black. Many famous white men have been accused even convicted of rape and the libe...

President Christie is most popular Republican in NC
Hope the day comes soon that he moves into the White House to rescue America :-) http://www.hpe.com/news/x20...-president

what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

I found this game on the internet and think it would be fun to play this 2 word game. I will type 2 words and the next poster has to chan...

Four Husbands are at the lobby waiting for the nurse to tell them about the babies their wives gave birth to. The nurse walks up to the f...


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