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Obama sure got a lot of racists, bigots, and fascists up set here on gowilkes in his DNC speech..
What you idiots saw was a real American President. The America our fathers fought to build. Not your big brother, homophobic, xenophobic ...

Why did the Olympic committee think this was a good idea.? I haven't watched much over the last few, but I wonder if there will ever be a...

Obama just give one killer speech!
Truly one great man.

Democrats put gun control front and center on third night of convention
Remember in November! https://www.yahoo.co...00677.html

Pass the baton and $20 trillion in debt
And America pooted... http://hosted.ap.org/dynami...7 23 53 20

best phone company for wilkes and surry county?
I am looking for a new phone company in the Elkin/ Jonesville area, after having a bad experience and wanting to get away from cheap, out...

Webb Hubbell's Daughter to Introduce Bill's Spouse Tonight
What a complicated little family!

More DNC Deception Alleged
10.1K11831 A Bernie Sanders delegate says that the DNC is replacing Bernie supporters with paid seat fillers in order to create a fake im...

Smite the Lying Mainstream Media
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wind gusts, heavy rain and lightning have forced people to evacuate the media tents outside of the Wells Fargo Cente...

Savannah Guthrie Frets to Obama: ‘Trump Has Made it Pretty Personal Against You' After asking President Obama if the prospect of Donald T...

So, Turns Out Comrade Drumpf is a Traitor
http://m.huffpost.com/us/en...5d5ed3b51a Honestly, did see this kind of treason coming from Drumpf.

Why can't we have a Topic titled OFF TOPIC? Where we could post nonsensical statements as long as...

Tards on suicide watch as Trump gets schlonged
http://www.washingtonexamin...le/2594153 Maybe they should have nominated Cruz ROTFLMAO

Official 2016 Democratic National Convention Discussion Thread
It starts Monday, as we enjoy President Clinton's historic nomination as our first female President. No trolls allowed : D: D: D

Annoyed when clerks take a call while serving you
I hate it when I am being served by a clerk and someone calls and he/she waits on them, at mainly Advance and other places where the cler...

Tim Kaine looks like:
Does anyone think he looks like a cross between Dracula and Dr. Spock. He has Spock's eyebrows and ears and Dracula's fangs.

Thematic element
FWIW, you weren't suspended, you just happened to trigger a general filter. Please reply either here or by PM once you've seen this, and ...

Dr. Miles
Does any1 have any info on Dr. Miles office/house located on upper boonetrail rd? Im trying to find out his first name and date of death ...

Baby Sitter
Would you hire a baby sitter and let him/her in your home with: No passport No background check No identification No work history No vett...

Bernie takes his toys and goes home ...
Heat Street: The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against ...


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