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Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
(13 reviews)

Specialty: Chinese

1832 Winkler Mill Rd
Wilkesboro, NC 28797

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It was horrible I think we got food poisioning! Food was cold even just out of the kithchen doughnuts were like bricks Horrible! there rude could get no refill on drinks. We will not go back!

This place sucks! They are rude the food is always cold.. They even told me not to let my kid get food on the table shes 4yrs old they r gonna be a little messy! I will never go back!!!!

They argued with my friend about the age of her daughter. She was 10 I think at the time. They were calling her a liar. She asked if she needed to bring birth certificate next time. lol. They are greedy and very disrespectful.

Being a customer I can say my visits have been good to going bad that they do have nosey way of serving that they hardly even take away your dishes or let alone fill your glass that I know your supposed to tip but I refuse to give one cent to people who are rude and inconsiderate about customer satisfaction. They need to replace the staff quit or else I'm just gonna continue to go to lenior for my meal at empire buffet. It may be a **** but it's worth being treat with respect and compassion which I don't seem to see that. That have cleaned up the place a little but you can always feel the presentation of sanitary condition low while the food is like eating yesterday lunch and when you eat to much they will gripe as though you steal for what you paid to eat. I mean common who does this.

They stare at you while you eat . They also: I believe" count how many times you go to the bar

I like the food. They keep the all you can eat buffet fresh and stocked

This place is nasty inside. I am surprised it is even allowed to operate as a restaurant still serving the public. I first went there several years ago and it was bad then, but I thought I'd again give them a chance recently. I figured it would have changed and gotten better over time; this didn't happen. Will never be going back.

I have eat at this restaurant for many years, but have had some neg experiences...so I just cut back on my visits. My girls and I just ate there just around first of June, and my girls have NEVER been questioned regarding their age... But their child price is from 12 yrs down and the lady up front charged me for two adults and one child. I ask her about it and she said that my 11 yr old was Not under 12 yrs of age. My girls are 10 and 11, they are twelve months and nine days apart born in October 2002, November 2003... Just saying she called Me a liar and it is not the three bucks but the fact that she called me a dis honest person as if I was trying to get out of paying three bucks. And the other thing is that my 10 yr old is larger than the 11 yr old child.

They will say something if you eat to much. They will complain if you ask for shrimp.

Good food, but Disgusting!

The last time I ate there I felt like I needed a bath when I left....nasty. Seems like the place always has a B sanitation grade.

The food use to be good. The food on the bar is barely warm. They took the crablegs off the bar. I don't go back anymore.

Me and my 14 year old son absolutely love eating here. The staff is always nice and friendly. The tea is awesome and the buffet is da bomb.

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