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Wilkes County Brazilian Jiujitsu Club
Simply the Best for Less

1150 River Street
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

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Wilkes County BJJ Club is a school that focuses on the techniques of traditional Gracie Jiujitsu. The structure of a typical class consists of warm-up drills that are designed to increase an individuals' cardiovascular capability while also improving one's technical ability, then we move on to technique and technique review, and finally the class closes with positional sparring and regular roll-time (sparring), which is done according to IBJJF regulations. ( Note: Students must have a uniform to attend class).

All classes are taught by Josh Miller (a purple belt in BJJ under Jeremy Arel). In addition to being a purple belt, Mr. Miller holds a black belt in Kempo Karate and earned a black belt equivalent in a Bujutsu Ryu. Prior to beginning his journey in BJJ, Mr. Miller spent a couple of years training in Kickboxing and MMA.

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Brazilian Jiujitsu Instruction.
Interested in learning Gracie Jiujitsu? Contact us for pricing and class information. 816-382-7388
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