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You need to thank a Conservative today


Posted 10:47 am, 03/31/2020

Really? To New York and California, like Manboob states in the OP?

Okay. Show me.


Posted 9:45 am, 03/31/2020

swucy lying again as the article clearly shows comparisons.

Abraham Drinkin

Posted 8:20 am, 03/31/2020

Once again swucy is shown to be the fool!

Poor guy


Posted 7:02 pm, 03/30/2020

"I can't let your inadequacies to hurt you"


Anyway...how does that article prove your initial point? There's still no comparison.

Swing and a miss.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 6:59 pm, 03/30/2020

I can't let your inadequacies to hurt you Shoulda. Read this:



Posted 2:59 pm, 03/30/2020

No, actually I was specifically looking for a comparison that so far no one has been able to provide.

Wonder why?


Posted 2:22 pm, 03/30/2020

As much complaining and whining as you leftist schiffs did at the time, certainly you can remember the conservative actions taken to right our fiscal ship.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 2:05 pm, 03/30/2020

Thanks again Shoulda for keeping my post on the first page.

Skeptic has already provided most of the information you were looking for.

Seems like you could spend 5 minutes and look up the other number you need. Or maybe you already have the number but the math is too difficult for you?


Posted 10:47 am, 03/30/2020

Extremely funny. Not sure it exists.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 10:34 am, 03/30/2020

Really funny. You are the only one that can't look it up for yourself.


Posted 9:51 am, 03/30/2020

I don't mind at all, Manboob.

It's kinda funny: Still no relevant information.


Posted 8:26 am, 03/30/2020

algore invented inconvenient truths.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 8:03 am, 03/30/2020

Thanks for keeping my posting on the first page Shoulda.

How come you are the only one that can't look the numbers up?


Posted 8:48 pm, 03/29/2020

Inconvenient of you leftists to not recall the conservative takeover in the NC legislature several cycles ago.


Posted 6:11 pm, 03/29/2020

Maybe there's nothing out there. Nothing but conservative lies.


Posted 4:40 pm, 03/29/2020

I remember Cooper pitching a fit because he couldn't access the rainy day fund for whatever he wanted.


Posted 4:37 pm, 03/29/2020

In this case the PC pronoun would be itself.


Posted 4:28 pm, 03/29/2020

Maybe Shoulda shoulda learned to use Google for himself, herself, or theirself......whichever the case may be.


Posted 4:01 pm, 03/29/2020

Still nothing?

I mean...was there an original article that spawned this thread, or was it all just horse pucky?


Posted 8:06 am, 03/29/2020

I always applaud fiscally conservative politicians, no matter what their political affiliation.

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