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WOW, even Neil Cavuto is calling out Trump's lie about Mexico paying for his wall


Posted 10:16 pm, 01/11/2019

Tnt, you do realize the American taxpayers shoulder the burden of tariffs don't you?


Posted 9:10 pm, 01/11/2019

Well that's great tnt, so Trump can withdraw his demand from Congress and end the shutdown.

this n that

Posted 8:24 pm, 01/11/2019

Trump had the following on his website since 2016, which lists several ways to get Mexico to pay. But the lying leftist media ignores it, in order to lie and smear Trump.

It looks like Trump is going with the 4th option (“Trade tariffs, or enforcement of existing trade rules”)


"Pay for the Wall
* Trade tariffs, or enforcement of existing trade rules: There is no doubt that Mexico is engaging in unfair subsidy behavior that has eliminated thousands of U.S. jobs, and which we are obligated to respond to; the impact of any tariffs on the price imports will be more than offset by the economic and income gains of increased production in the United States, in addition to revenue from any tariffs themselves. Mexico needs access to our markets much more than the reverse, so we have all the leverage and will win the negotiation. By definition, if you have a large trade deficit with a nation, it means they are selling far more to you than the reverse - thus they, not you, stand to lose from enforcing trade rules through tariffs (as has been done to save many U.S. industries in the past)."

With increased production in the U.S., there will be more tax revenue, because there will be corporate income tax on the additional (repatriated) production, income tax on more workers, etc. In Mexico, there will be less production and Mexico will have less tax revenue. That's how Trump is getting Mexico to pay for the wall.


Posted 8:22 pm, 01/11/2019

Mmmm... Ready lips, no new taxes. I did not have sex with that woman. I don’t think Trump is the only president to “be mistaken”.


Posted 6:39 pm, 01/11/2019

Trump should decide which story to go by:
1) He needs taxpayer's money so he has shut down the gov't because Congress won't pass it.
2) Mexico is paying for the wall with the great trade deals.
Which is it? If Mexico is paying then he doesn't need the money from Congress. What a liar.


Posted 6:19 pm, 01/11/2019

i'm surprised the fox fakes let him speak .


Posted 4:52 pm, 01/11/2019

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