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Wilkes in 1948


Posted 7:49 pm, 02/06/2014

Wilkesboro is (R) and N.Wilkesboro is ( D) County is ( R ).


Posted 7:48 pm, 02/06/2014

Gobbled up by the Republicans.


Posted 7:47 pm, 02/06/2014

Funny how North Wilkesboro was the star and Wilkesboro just mentioned as " the other town nearby". How has Wilkesboro survived all these years and not been gobbled up by North Wilkesboro?


Posted 6:45 pm, 02/06/2014

Every woman in the video had on a beautiful dress. Somebody send me back.


Posted 6:07 pm, 02/06/2014

Thanks to republiturd government it still looks the same today :o


Posted 6:02 pm, 02/06/2014



Posted 5:29 pm, 01/31/2014

For all you folks that watched the video and liked it. I know a little about it..... It was a promotional video that business had to pay to be in. If you notice the narrator really played up the featured businesses, while failing to mention many more. There are a few more films from that time period that just were filmed in both towns and had street scenes and factories letting out at quitting time.They were silent and were not used to promote anything, just daily life of that time.

Phineas T Lardbottom

Posted 3:48 pm, 01/31/2014


Posted 3:23 pm, 01/31/2014

Surely there were plenty of drunks around, they just weren't going to feature them in a promotional movie.

That was saved for Saturdays on 10th Street in North Wilkesboro


Posted 3:23 pm, 01/31/2014

Surely there were plenty of drunks around, they just weren't going to feature them in a promotional movie.


Posted 3:11 pm, 01/31/2014

You also don't see any thieving methheads


Posted 3:09 pm, 01/31/2014

You don't see that many slim folks around Wilkes anymore.

Phineas T Lardbottom

Posted 3:00 pm, 01/31/2014

I remember eating in the Parkway Cafe many moons ago before it was turned into a beer joint in the early '60's. Remember the bus garage just down the road from it. Parkway Bus Company, then after Woodie shut the line down, Quincy and Horace Reavis had the IH farm equipment dealership there. Remember the Princess Cafe on Main Street also.


Posted 2:54 pm, 01/31/2014

There was a Parkway Café in North Wilkesboro at the corner of Armory Road where you turn to go to Reins Sturdivant now. The brick building is still there. The video suggested it was the one on the Parkway, but I think it could be this one. I was 6 years old in 1948, but probably a little older when I first went there, and I knew the people who owned it. I saw some of their family members at one of the dining tables in the video, and recognized the little girl drinking a coke, I'm a few years older than her. Does anyone else remember this café?


Posted 11:23 am, 01/31/2014

I've been thinking about what you said Phineas, no doubt it's true, but a good store creates traffic. I believe a Belk or JC Penny would have done twice the volume of business there. Put up a Target and it would take away more than half of Wal Mart's customers.

Nothing good like that will ever happen .


Posted 10:29 am, 01/31/2014

I love vintage things and antiques. I realize that it has been romanticized too much where people aren't realistic about the hardships of living during that time frame.

Here is a cost of living calculator


Phineas T Lardbottom

Posted 9:55 am, 01/31/2014

I am old enough to remember some things about Wilkes in that era. Most of the green grass pastures and hayfields were full of broom straw. The major employer was the American Furniture and Oak Furniture. Sawmills dotted the woods, nothing like you see today. There was no Holly Farms per se or Lowes Hdwe. Most jobs were heavy manual labor, no air conditioning.

There are a lot of things I miss about the late '40's and '50's, mostly the laid back atmosphere, not the dog eat dog attitude that most seem to have today. Business was done on a handshake, not a mountain of paperwork that has to be signed today. I would not want to go back to the living conditions though. Some homes in the county had just gotten electricity, some still had none. Many lacked indoor plumbing. In the '40's there were no air conditioned homes. Dirt roads abounded. I could go on and on


Posted 8:34 am, 01/31/2014

You are right BlueRidgeGuy. Sorry about that. I stand corrected.

Truthseeker - If I'm not mistaken, it was sort of a "commercial" for our area. This was back during a time when every home didn't have a television, and many people got their news from the radio, newspaper, or movies. Movie houses used to show cartoons, news reports, etc. between films. This was one of those short films that was shown over the nation between features. I guess the powers that be at the time paid a film crew to come in here and make this hoping that it would boost commerce.

There's probably someone out there that knows a lot more about it than I do.


Posted 5:01 pm, 01/30/2014

I wonder who the intended audience was? It is a commercial of sorts trying to bring in residents or business, probably both.


Posted 4:53 pm, 01/30/2014

I think the video was exaggerated a bit.

Seemed like it was a commercial.

I skipped through some of the video because I get bored easily. I scanned through and noticed some black folk.


Posted 4:51 pm, 01/30/2014

Didn't WWII end in 1945?

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