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Why Walgreens is closed??


Posted 8:10 pm, 08/19/2012

I actually was able to call in some refills we needed earlier so apparently nothing has been affected.


Posted 8:08 pm, 08/19/2012

Note from GoWilkes: this post was removed because it was both off topic and trolling.


Posted 5:30 pm, 08/19/2012

Does anyone know of the outcome of the ordeal at Walgreen's? I have some meds that have been called in there and was just wondering.


Posted 5:27 pm, 08/19/2012

I removed several posts that were off topic.


Posted 1:48 pm, 08/19/2012


Posted 1:46 pm, 08/19/2012

Walgreen should be open now and maybe someone can ask one of the workers what was going on last night. That way we don't have to speculate.


Posted 7:29 am, 08/19/2012

Could a bomb in there , no just kidding though would be suprising there. Must mean them pharamist hiding the goods in the store and they need to find it so they can cuff em!


Posted 1:28 am, 08/19/2012

Maybe a burglary under way and no one thought to take a closer look.


Posted 1:19 am, 08/19/2012

Myself and a friend stopped at Walgreens around 8:30 this evening to have a prescription filled and while we were waiting some of the lights went out and we could tell by the sound an air conditioner stopped. There was a young lady in line ahead of us trying to purchase more Suda-Fed products than the rules allowed. I could not help but notice this because we were wanting to finish our business and come home after being in the ER for about 6 hours. I seriously doubt that one had anything to do with the other. Just relating our experience.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 1:02 am, 08/19/2012

Actually, when I stopped about an hour ago, that's what the nice, lady employee told me, who was standing outdoors. She said they would be reopening in a few minutes.

There appeared to be a some sort of service truck there, although, I didn't interrogate him, either, as to what his business there was, as I figured it was none of my freakin' business.


Posted 12:57 am, 08/19/2012

Partial power outage sounds to me like thats what the employes are being told to say??? And they are still closed but the lights are on... Sounds a little odd....


Posted 12:52 am, 08/19/2012

I'm going with a loose Boa Constrictor.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 12:47 am, 08/19/2012

Partial power outage....


Posted 11:35 pm, 08/18/2012

Yeah, thinking and her are like arch enemies


Posted 11:05 pm, 08/18/2012

"THINK" may be overstating your case Quack. Jumping to the same reactionary, unfounded conclusion as usual seems more accurate.

I think someone is buying a lot of cold medicine so they can cook some meth. 3 Pharmacies? Put 3 and 3 together and there is your answer. I hope the cops catch them


Posted 11:03 pm, 08/18/2012


Posted 10:45 pm, 08/18/2012

Walmarks is still open.

Maybe whoknowz can go buy some untwisted panties.


Posted 10:44 pm, 08/18/2012

Just my luck that they have to close the doors....always when we need them. Crud!!


Posted 10:43 pm, 08/18/2012

LOL didn't mean to hit a nerve... LOL


Posted 10:41 pm, 08/18/2012

No matter who she was referring to, it was a stupid theory. It wouldn't justify locking he doors

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