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What’s the non racist thing to do?


Posted 4:20 pm, 04/26/2021

Accuracy matters


Posted 4:04 pm, 04/26/2021



Posted 2:05 pm, 04/26/2021

The median is 94,700...that is not the same as the average.

The average HOUSEHOLD income is about 62k


Posted 9:50 am, 04/26/2021

$ 94,700 is average for household in the US.. How many people in Wilkes County has a average wage of 94,700?


Posted 9:36 am, 04/26/2021


Posted 2:16 pm, 04/24/2021

There is a legal way for people to migrate to this country. Millions have done it.

I used to say the same thing, Foxy, and then I learned.

The average cost to emigrate here legally is about $10,000 each! So a family of 4, that's $40,000.

The average annual salary in Mexico is $20,112 US:

The average in Guatemala is $16,390:

The average in the US is $94,700, so almost 5 times that of Mexico and almost 6 times that of Guatemala:

That means that it's just as hard for them to come up with $40,000 as it is for us to come up with $200,000.

Now, let's think about that logically. We have a surplus of 7 million jobs right now, and most of them are manual labor, low paying jobs. So we don't need immigrants that can come up with $40,000... they're the rich ones, and definitely not going to do construction or work in a field!

The smarter move for us as a nation would be to make it much, much cheaper (like, free) and easier for them to emigrate here. We need a lot more immigration judges to process cases faster, then we can put them to work and paying taxes instead of costing us money in detention centers. It would also mostly eliminate the ones trying to sneak across just because they don't have the money.

For sure things are bad where they come from but right now they are not fleeing from they are running to. And they are not leaving behind, they are bringing with them the problems

Statistically, that's not true at all. "The incarceration rates of the native-born were anywhere from two to five times higher than that of immigrants."

And that's logical... they sacrificed a lot to get here, you can be sure that they're going to be extremely careful to fly under the radar.

That's not to say that none of them are criminals (I know how some of you like to spin things), it's just that the wide majority of them are good people and hard workers that are just trying to survive. And it's stupid of us to try to get rid of them, when we need them just as much as they need us.


Posted 8:06 am, 04/24/2021

And if she is not, pray tell what is she?


Posted 8:05 am, 04/24/2021

Bestill, is the Camel our Border Czar or not? Just a yes or no will do


Posted 7:56 am, 04/24/2021

She is our sister. Help,her!


Posted 7:55 am, 04/24/2021

God will forgive fox. Hold hope! Right now she is misled and needs help.


Posted 7:55 am, 04/24/2021

I already know. It's easy to find, honestly. You just don't care, because you don't want to know actual facts. It changes your narrative.


Posted 7:52 am, 04/24/2021

Why don't you explain it to us while I look to see if Youtube has scrubbed the video yet.


Posted 7:39 am, 04/24/2021

See? You obviously don't know what she has been tasked with.

It's pretty specific. And you have no idea what it is.


Posted 7:38 am, 04/24/2021

Then why are you making out like you have not heard it.? She needs to for a welcome committee and head that way. After all she is one of the ones inviting them


Posted 7:35 am, 04/24/2021

I already know. You didn't.

Did you figure it out yet?


Posted 7:34 am, 04/24/2021

Slip off in a corner somewhere and read some reality


Posted 7:31 am, 04/24/2021

She knows. You don't.

I knew you had no idea. This is kinda funny...but mostly sad.


Posted 7:30 am, 04/24/2021

It would be better for her to tell us. Since backpedaling from what Border Dog Joe announced. He said he was putting the Camel in charge of the NOT crisis.


Posted 7:25 am, 04/24/2021

Do you know what she was specifically tasked with, Foxy?

I'd love to see you tell me.


Posted 7:15 am, 04/24/2021

Why do you think our Border Czar Cackling Camel has not gone down to the border to greet our new guest?

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