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Whatever happened to the Republican party ?

sparkling water

Posted 6:35 pm, 05/15/2019

Who was the President who broke the USSR ?

Sparkling Water

Posted 6:35 pm, 05/15/2019


Who was the general who led DDay and went on to inspire the Interstate Highway System?


Posted 6:31 pm, 05/15/2019

It’s been a rough day but I’m here. Being a champion is nice.


Posted 6:30 pm, 05/15/2019

The "Party of Lincoln", Stinkin Lincoln that is, has a lot to be desired, It always has! But as of the present day it is the lesser of two evils. But not by much.


Posted 6:14 pm, 05/15/2019

( I would'nt mention Nam, Syria, Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan?) Uhh who was in the White House when WW 2 was finally over?)

sparkling water

Posted 6:10 pm, 05/15/2019

That reminds me.

We are also Two Time (Back to Back) World War Champions.

And we are Back to Back Gulf War Champions.


Posted 6:03 pm, 05/15/2019

And are'nt you the leader of big pharma donations ? (check out who got the most campaign money?) And the l

eading party of the "war machine" ? The U S only spends more than the next 10 biggest spending nations "combined" on defense ? (18 years in Afghanistan for WHAT ?l And the leader of anti-healthcare (even though your Mooron pledged "healthcare for every American" (after 9000+ lies, shucks, what's a few more?) Are'nt you the reigning champions of the pro gun lobby ? (does'nt everybody "need" an assault rifle?) Not talking about guns designed for rabbits, deer, squirrels if you so choose...And don't forget who got a bunch of Rooskie money ? Donnie boy, Lindsey Graham, and the list goes on..No wonder the gop does'nt want to do 1 thing about election security ? That ol "Rooskie" money talks does'nt it ?? And I ly wonder why you're so proud of the gop ?

Sparkling Water

Posted 4:24 pm, 05/15/2019

Nice of you to ask.

We are the reigning White House Champions.
The reigning US Senate Champions.
The reigning Supreme Court Champions.


Posted 3:46 pm, 05/15/2019

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