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What guns did Lanza use?

Frank France

Posted 11:12 am, 12/24/2012

It's all a gun's fault and the AR has been flying off the shelf for years, so they are targeting that. Obama has said over and over again that he wants them banned. I smell a crisis not going to waste. Fast and Furious Number 2. More stinky more deadly.

libtard is as libtard does.

Libtard ------>


Posted 7:12 am, 12/24/2012

For the first three days we were told that he was found with two pistols next to him, and that the AR was found in the back seat of his momís car

Then the investigator claimed that all wounds had to come from a rifle??

When is the MSM going to speak to Kevin Jennings?

Kevin Jennings is Obamaís pick for safe school Czar. What did he do to make schools safe?

Jennings claim to fame is teaching kids homosexuality in our schools. We know the gays have 64% of the syphilis, made up 57% of new HIV cases last year, but how does any of this make our schools safe?

When is the MSM going to ask real questions?

What video games did the shooter play?

They claimed he was Goth. Pontificate on this?

What music did he listen to?

The MSM called him a marksman. Did he shoot 4H air rifle, how about CMP small bore. was he or his mom and NRA member?

What movies did he watch?

Did he ever play any sports?

Did he ever go to church? What were his religious beliefs?

What kind of upbringing did he get from his dad? How often was his dad around? Did his dad teach him what it is to be a man?

What movies did he watch?

Was he currently going to school, working, or did he just sit home all day

Mitch Connor

Posted 1:39 am, 12/24/2012

It matters because it is suspect for propagandists. We don't really know what he used and they are blaming "assualt weapons" as the problem. Sounds like another Obama lied and people died scenario.

Dark Matter

Posted 11:02 pm, 12/23/2012

It doesn't really matter what kinds of guns were used used IMO. The deranged killer could have used a knife and gasolne and the same results could easily have taken place. Let's blame the insane psychopaths instead of the weapons they use. There are more than 300 million guns in America. Yet crimes of this nature are very rare. Let's place the blame for these actions on the individuals who choose to perpetrate them, not on inanimate objects.


Posted 8:23 pm, 12/23/2012

Arming anti communist rebels ? You don't say. The modern day liberal would have a seizure !!!

Now I have to obtain a boat load of valium to keep them from biting their tongues off in addition to Thorazine to keep them sedated.

This liberal mental disorder has accelerated at a phenomenal rate ! I wonder if it is being perpetuated by the libtard virus ?

Prank Call Of Cthulhu

Posted 1:53 am, 12/23/2012

Ask Col north how that worked out. Trading support weapons for the release of Americans hostages is quite different then arming drug lords to kill Americans

So arming terrorists > destroying drug cartels.

You probably support the War On Drugs as well I take it?


Posted 1:38 am, 12/23/2012

mommies guns

White America

Posted 12:39 am, 12/23/2012

And yes sheepie I was there, you and troll as well

White America

Posted 12:38 am, 12/23/2012

Ask Col north how that worked out. Trading support weapons for the release of Americans hostages is quite different then arming drug lords to kill Americans

Prank Call Of Cthulhu

Posted 12:20 am, 12/23/2012

The government was selling weapons to Mexican drug lords to drum up fear and kill us citizens, but they got caught so they had to wait.

Yep, and it's happened before. When Reagan was selling weapons to Iran and they were being used to kill off their citizens, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro was going to be made a major part of the Iran-Contra affair.

I guess it was ok then though.


Posted 11:53 pm, 12/22/2012

You maybe or may not be on to something but several of the mass killings came right after the Big UN Push to ban small arms world wide.

Not saying either way, just something to think about.


Posted 11:51 pm, 12/22/2012

All of this was set up by the government its a conspiracy. Its there ploy to try and.get guns banned. Just like.the shooting in colorado was a conspiracy.


Posted 11:48 pm, 12/22/2012

It seems to me like and if I remember correctly I started a thread right after it happened, Umpire I think can confirm that and from that point onward thread after thread popped up and assault weapons was the major topic, argument and debate. For some reasons the thread I originally started was merged with another thread that seemed to pop up some place. But the news was sure reporting assault weapons early on.

And Best I remember White America was right with Umpire and Me when all this started on the tv. Not sure but I think so.

White America

Posted 11:34 pm, 12/22/2012

Yea the 4th gun an unidentified shot gun... 9mm is now 10 and ar went form the cars back seat to the shooters hand. Who knows.

The government was selling weapons to Mexican drug lords to drum up fear and kill us citizens, but they got caught so they had to wait.


Posted 11:29 pm, 12/22/2012

Seems to me leo's who saw the body of the killer could have or should have known exactly what weapon was used because earlier they only reported he had two weapons both being pistols. That's why I question their reporting so much.

But the word assault weapon came into play well before they did the exams.

I heard them repeat it over and over and over.


Posted 11:28 pm, 12/22/2012

Watch this link. The people they interviewed.are actors https://www.youtube....ata_player


Posted 11:18 pm, 12/22/2012

The media reported that two guns were used. It wasn't until the Medical Examiner spoke at the press conference and stated they were all shot with the rifle, that this was cleared up. Remember the media was also reporting the mother worked at this school as a teacher.


Posted 11:11 pm, 12/22/2012

What I saw and heard on the tv that morning, 2 hand guns used.

Next it was said that a 2nd shooter was involved.
2 hand guns used a Glock 9mm and a Sig 9mm, then later much later it changed into a 10mm Glock and 9mm Sig, ban ban and ban some more

a 3rd gun was found in the trunk of the car, no mention of banning the 3rd gun
they thought the killer was his brother because of the id card the killer had.
they thought the 2nd shooter was the brother, but that got dropped because he was miles away, ban ban ban ban ban
Then by lunch the play to switch the guns came on and it was reported that an assault weapon was used, I think one reporter claimed it was the most powerful gun in the USA. BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN,

Then they built it up as the assault weapon and that's about it and then the media circus shifted **** altogether and started to worsen the ban ban ban babble...Gun laws and regulations TOTALLY Ignoring Expert opinions that didn't push the ban ban babble.

Then the infamous Bushmaster name was used, the pistols suddenly went out of attention and spotlight, just like the 2nd shooter, which had been reported earlier to have been seen by several witnesses.

then it got from ban ban ban ban to BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN and nothing much kids just a lot of BAN BAN BAN BAN!


Posted 11:11 pm, 12/22/2012

They are covering something up. Just read this it will really make u think http://shortlittlerebel.wor...-shooting/


Posted 10:38 pm, 12/22/2012

My understanding was that he used a Bushmaster AR-15, 10mm glock, and 9mm sig sauer

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