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We have to fight the insanity of religion everyday


Posted 7:18 am, 03/24/2023

Yes, I believe I can see the results of insanity right now


Posted 4:40 am, 03/24/2023

You might be interested to know that no real watches were burned at the stake or hanged. There were witches around, but the Christians were to afraid of them to actually harm one. The Christian just killed each other and called them witches.


Posted 3:13 am, 03/24/2023

Belief don't change reality. Not all witches are real with real powers. However, the Bible talks of witches and demons. If you ever studied Voodoo, you would see there is science behind magic or if you wish, mind control.


Posted 2:58 am, 03/24/2023

I don't believe in witches or ghosts or things that go bump in the night. I've always thought that the Salem witch trials were a result of mass hysteria (on the part of the persecutors) rather than a phenomenon of dark forces at work. And seeing Arthur Miller's The Crucible a few years ago, only confirmed my suspicions. So I was gratified to see Dr Quintanilla's poster at this year's meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. As a physician and researcher, she factually explains the fallacy of witchcraft. Looking at historical documents dating back to the 15th century, Dr Quintanilla was able to match the symptoms of people condemned as witches with associated neurological and psychiatric disorders, such as epilepsy and hysteria. [Editor's Note: Natalie Timoshin]


Posted 2:47 am, 03/24/2023

That might be true which makes them a little more dangerous because they don't believe in punishment.


Posted 2:30 am, 03/24/2023

It much more likely people who believe in the occult are just as wacko as the other religious zealots,


Posted 1:28 am, 03/24/2023

Just because there is no God don't mean there are not forces in this world stronger than mankind. My guess is you never really studied the occult. No matter if you understand it or not, it still affects you.


Posted 12:14 am, 03/24/2023

You realize the religious nuts that committed those acts did so because they were ignorant enough to actually believe witches and warlocks exist?


Posted 11:38 pm, 03/23/2023

Them crazy people might even help clean up after a tornado .


Posted 10:52 pm, 03/23/2023

If we don't, the crazies will go back to burning people at the stake.

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